Bosch Home Alarm Systems

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We are all familiar with the Bosch brand name, from their range of household appliances, power tools, and other consumer products. Bosch is known for small innovations that make a big difference to longevity of their products – if you are planning to be in the same home until your mortgage is paid off, and are looking for a security system that will care for you and your family for all those years, a Bosch home alarm system in Sydney is the answer.

bosch home alarms

Bosch Home Alarm Products

Bosch manufacture a range of systems designed for every situation, from home, to small business, to larger commercial applications, to multi-business office environments … right up to government and defence applications. In residential applications, the line of Bosch home alarms in Sydney available through Pacific Security Technology includes:

  • Control panels
  • Keypads
  • The ability to support up to 16 devices (including sensors, contacts, Bosch DVRs for CCTV monitoring, etc)

You’ll notice that whether installed or DIY, Bosch wireless home security systems have a sleek and unique look that helps them blend into your home decor. Most models have a handy ‘night light’ feature which is activated by movement, also!

Bosch alarm systems

Bosch Home Alarm System FAQs

Looking for fast answers about your Bosch home alarm in Sydney? We provide some of the most common answers here, and if you want to know something that isn’t listed we are only a phone call away. One of our friendly consultants can answer your questions on 1300 660 445.


How does Bosch compare to other home security systems and CCTV systems?

We are often asked things like “Should I buy a Hikvision CCTV or Bosch CCTV?”, and “How do Bosch and Honeywell alarm systems compare?”. Truthfully, most models of home security system have excellent build quality, great longevity and a failry comparable feature set across models. At your free consultation we can help you match the features you need, to the price you want in a security system!


Can I self-install a Bosch DIY wireless home securitysystem? 

Self-installation of most home products is possible for people with some experience and the right tools. However, all home security systems (Bosch included) can be fairly complex to program correctly – so we always recommend having your system professionally installed.

Call us today with any other questions about Bosch home security systems – we’re here to help!