Burglary can happen to you anytime and it will affect you mentally, emotionally, psychologically and also monetarily. But your mental condition after a burglary shouldn’t decide the actions and reactions you do. After the mishap, you will feel hopeless, depressed, anxious and anger but flowing with these emotions can cost you more loss.

You should know how to react strategically to such incidents and this will help you recover soon as well as prevent the possibilities of future undesired happenings like such. Here we have discussed all the things to take concerns after a burglary happens.

Notify the police immediately

The very first reaction of yours after facing a burglary is informing the police and filing a complaint against it. The responders will guide you on what to do in that situation. But keep in mind that your safety should be the most important thing above all.

Even if your belongings have got shattered everywhere, try to avoid touching anything. It may harm the investigation process. Police generally search for fingerprints of the miscreants in these shattered things. At the end collect your case number which you will need when claiming for insurance.

Recall important details about the criminal

If you have seen the criminal or at least have got a glimpse to try to remember it, try to remember every visual clue that you get of the perpetrators like clothing, skin complexion, estimated height, etc. With every single detail, you will take the police nearer to your burglars.

List down the items that are missing

Scan your home immediately after burglary takes place and note down everything that has got stolen. It’s very much important to do it immediately because it will reduce the time you give the burglars to take money from your bank account and mobile phone. It is important to jam your phones, sim cards, debit cards, credit cards, etc.

Evaluate your home security

A break in confirms the flaws in your home security system. You need to identify where and how the intruder got into your home. Inspect all the doors, windows, locks and ensure they are functioning properly. Try to search for tempering in these locks and your security system and fix it immediately. This will fortify any weakness in your home security.

Contact your insurance company

Once the things got settled it’s time to contact your insurance company and notify them you have been a victim of a break-in. From there they will guide you to claim your insurance money. After the claim, they will start the process the compensation for all your loss.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

In a vulnerable state, you have calm yourself down. It’s important to be little kind and smooth on yourself. You don’t have to think about the whole world and the aftermath of the burglar. You should sit down, take a deep breath, and calm yourself down first.

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