10 Reasons Pacific Security Should Install A Home Alarm


In Sydney, home alarms are the gold standard security device. They can not only help to prevent a break-in, but depending on the set-up, can also help catch a burglar in the act and take one more criminal off the streets. There are plenty of good reasons that you need a monitored home alarm in Sydney – here are the top 10.


  1. To Protect Your Family
    Unfortunately, every break-in comes with the risk of a violent confrontation, whether you go looking for it or not. If a loud home alarm goes off when a burglar enters a designated part of your home, they are far more likely to leave, knowing that trained and armed security personnel are on their way.
  2. To Protect Your Belongings
    Insurance can’t replace your wedding photos, your grandfather’s pocket watch or the files on your computer. Just as it is with your health – prevention is better than cure.
  3. To Protect Your Neighbours
    Often our neighbours feel obliged to investigate an alarm at your property. Have your alarm monitored (and let your neighbours know that), and you can protect them from potentially dangerous confrontations.
  4. Because Sydney has one of the highest property crime rates in the country
    Sydney is a big, busy city – one in which most of us don’t notice a tiny bit of extra noise in the circus that goes on outside our windows every night. A home alarm in Sydney is the most reliable way to avoid becoming one of the all-too-common statistics.
  5. A huge range of alarm systems
    The leading security companies in Sydney have access to alarms from well over a dozen manufacturers. There will definitely be a home alarm in Sydney that suits your needs!
  6. No way around them
    Many home security measures can be worked around – home alarms in Sydney cannot be circumvented.
  7. Insurance discounts
    Depending on your insurer, you may be eligible for an insurance discount when you install a home alarm in Sydney.
  8. Security throughout blackouts
    Modern home alarms in Sydney are designed to work on battery backup for a significant period of time – even blackouts won’t compromise your security.
  9. Technology to overcome problems
    Some previous users of home alarms in Sydney have let their security lapse because of problems with the alarm like pets setting it off, having to be home to let contractors into the house, etc. Quality modern systems are able to overcome all of these problems – ask your Pacific Security expert how.
  10. To make fire/ambulance response faster and easier
    Panic buttons can even be operated by kids, improving response times for fire and medical emergencies.


There is no single item of security technology that protects you better than a home alarm. In Sydney, monitored security systems should be a fact of life for all families, and they are cheaper than you may have thought! Contact Pacific Security Technology for a quote and assessment today.

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