Why Get a Security System? Hornsby Crime Hotspots

Hornsby has a distinctive bush feel, with the kookaburra calls and gum resin breezes of Ku-Ring-Gai Chase and Berowra National Parks. Amidst the peace of nature, burglary and defending your home is often the furthest thing from a homeowner’s mind … but unfortunately, some people in Hornsby have crime on their mind all the time.

If you live in one of the following high risk burglary areas, a Hornsby security system is the only way to truly defend your home:

  • North Wahroonga, in the streets bordered by the Newcastle Freeway, Junction Rd and the national park to the north and east
  • The streets immediately surrounding Hornsby, Waitara, Warrawee and Wahroonga train stations.
  • Streets surrounding Edward Bennet Oval, Thomas Thompson Park, and Campbell Park in southern Cherrybrook.


 There were also 194 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 990 cases of malicious damage to property, some of which were partially averted by a Hornsby security system.

Hornsby has some of the best views, surroundings and even education in Sydney. It’s a lifestyle that is easy to protect, with a Hornsby security system.

Hornsby Community Safety Initiatives

Given that Hornsby has extremely low crime rates compared to the area of land that the council has to manage, there are relatively few local resources that you can use to complement your Hornsby security system.

However, all residents can phone the Council to report graffiti, which will be removed as soon as possible in order to deter other potential aerosol vandals.

Suggested Instructions for Hornsby Security System Owners

While Hornsby security system activations are spread widely across the area, they do occur. When we install your Hornsby security system you’ll need to give us instructions in case of activation.

For best response time and personal safety, we recommend:

  • That we first call the closest police station (either Hornsby or Gordon, depending on the address of your Hornsby security system). Police will respond as soon as possible.
  • We dispatch a guard from our headquarters also to assist.
  • Pacific Security Technology Office will phone you to alert you of the activation. You are not required to attend immediately – the guard will secure the premises.

It’s too easy to be complacent about your home security in a quiet area like Hornsby … and we see too many families where peace of mind has been devastated by a burglary. You can get a FREE quote for installation of your system, and be protected in as little as a few days. Put Pacific Security Technology at your first line of defence today!