Why Get a Security System? Crime in Willoughby

Willoughby is quite a homogenous and peaceful community. However, despite the large swathes of low crime rates, there are some areas in this local government area which have significantly higher risk of suffering a break in.

If you live in any of the following high risk areas identified by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, a Willoughby security system is essential:

  • The entire suburbs of Chatswood and Artarmon
  • The southern part of Willoughby, in streets running onto Artarmon Rd
  • Areas of Naremburn adjacent to the Bicentennial Reserve, and also south of the Gore Hill Freeway and bordered by Herbert St, Dalleys Rd and Willoughby Rd.
  • Parts of Lane Cove North south of the Chatswood Golf Club and in streets running onto Mowbray Rd West.


 There were also 100 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 381 cases of malicious damage to property. This is relatively low compared to other parts of Sydney … but are you willing to bank on your home being one of the lucky ones? Install a Willoughby security system for certainty and peace of mind.

Willoughby Community Safety Initiatives

Perhaps because Willoughby enjoys a relatively lower crime rate than other areas of Sydney, there are few initiatives at the local council level which can support your Willoughby security system.

However, the council does aim to keep residents safe through programs like:

  • Crime prevention through environmental design
  • Prompt graffiti removal

If you feel that council actions or inactions are negating the effectiveness of your Willoughby security system, make sure you get in touch with the council in writing, to push for a proper Community Safety Plan!

Suggested Instructions for Willoughby Security System Owners

If you have made the leap into owning a Willoughby security system, we’re sure you feel better already! The following are the recommended best practice instructions for your Willoughby security system monitoring company to follow if there is an alarm activation.

  • Notification of the Chatswood police station for immediate attendance. Notifications made by a security monitoring company are generally attended to more promptly than those made by private citizens, where there is a higher risk of false alarm.
  • A guard will be dispatched immediately from the monitoring company for either first response, or backup.
  • The office contacts you to alert you of the situation.

Willoughby is a lovely, and generally very safe place to live. But if you have a family, can you bank on being one of the luckier ones? Get your FREE quote for a Willoughby security system today.