Why Get a Security System? Crime in Strathfield

Strathfield really is a hub of activity – from the bright and fascinating Sydney markets to the many sporting grounds, golf courses, and opportunities for water sports on the Parramatta River. Unfortunately, an enormous section of the Strathfield local government area is also a hub of property crime.

According to the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, extensive areas of Strathfield are especially prone to break and enters. If you live here, a Strathfield security system is the only way to effectively protect yourself:

  • Any homes adjacent to the Sydney Markets property, to the west of Centenary Drive and south from the train line to Arthur Street
  • The entire suburbs of Homebush and Strathfield
  • Streets in the very large area bordered by Barker Rd to the north, Coronation Parade to the east and the Cooks River to the south
  • Streets to the north east of Strathfield park, bordered by Albyn Rd, The Boulevarde, Fairholme Street and Chalmers Road


There were also 73 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 345 cases of malicious damage to property. Compared to other Sydney suburbs, you are more likely to experience a break and enter here. Even between the above listed hotspots there are lesser hotspots – but most streets in Strathfield regularly experience break ins. Get your Strathfield security system set up now!

Strathfield Community Safety Initiatives

Strathfield Council recognises the magnitude of the break and enter problem in their local government area, and has quite a few tools you can use to complement your Strathfield security system! Ask council about:

  • Your free information and home security kit including a checklist, guide and property identification fact sheet
  • A subsidy scheme for installing deadlocks on property doors.
  • Other environmental strategies such as good public space design for crime prevention.

The current Crime Prevention Program will be in place until 2014. However, if you have other ideas to help support your Strathfield security system, communicate them to council for inclusion in the updated document for 2015.

Suggested Instructions for Strathfield Security System Owners

  • Congratulations! You’ve installed your Strathfield security system and are looking forward to your best night’s sleep in a while. First, though, you need to leave instructions with your monitoring company in case your Strathfield security system is activated.

We recommend the following proven practices for your instructions, though you are free to modify them in some ways.

  • After 30 seconds of activation, we’ll ring you to check whether this is a flase alarm or a real situation.
  • We contact the Strathfield police station or the Auburn police station (whichever is closer) to have them immediately attend).
  • One of our trained and armed guards is dispatched to protect your home and family in the meantime.
  • We contact you on your other nominated phone numbers, if we received no answer when calling to check if the activation was a false alarm.

Strathfield is generally a safe place to live, and you can offset the chance of becoming one of the area’s break and enter statistics by getting your FREE quote for Strathfield security system installation today!