Crow Alarm System

Crow – the vision of security

The Crow Group is known for being the ‘vision of security’ – highly secure, extremely reliable, user-friendly Crow burglar alarms are one of our most highly recommended back to base products.

Crow Home Alarms Security System

With the full suite of Crow products, you can tailor your security to whatever level you prefer. Crow burglar alarms are designed to integrate seamlessly with the company’s other security products, which include:

  • Access controllers
  • Locks
  • Strikes
  • Control panels
  • Wireless sensors
  • CCTV surveillance equipment
  • Intercoms

Crow burglar alarms come with one of the industry’s longest warranties – they guarantee their control panels, keypads and panel modules for three years from the purchase date. If you have any problems with a Crow burglar alarm, get in touch with Pacific Security Technology and we can help you put in a repair claim.

Crow alarms

Crow Alarm System FAQs

Crow burglar alarms are extremely user-friendly and simple – so thankfully we can provide easy answers to our most common questions about Crow systems!

Will a Crow or Honeywell alarm system be best?

Both Crow and Honeywell have a wide range of products suitable for all different purposes. Each company is as well respected and successful in the security industry as the other. We can help you choose between the two brands with a free initial consultation that matches either a Honeywell or Crow burglar alarm to your needs!

I had a power cut – will my Crow home alarm be alright?

Your alarm will simply switch to battery backup while no AC power is available. If you still get a trouble indicator for your Crow alarm system once the power has been restored, get in touch with us.

How can I replace the backup battery in my Crow home alarm?

For security reasons, battery replacement is usually an installer-only activity. Pacific Security Technology can help (even if we didn’t install your system), with a low flat rate battery replacement service. Crow security battery instructions are designed to be used with an installer code, so the alarm will sound if you open the control panel.

Remember, Pacific Security technology are happy to do Crow alarm service, repair or monitor any system, even those we did not install. Get in touch for expert help, available 24/7.