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Speed. Strength. Safety. ALEXOR.

You want to protect your family with the might of armies. You would go to war to keep your kids, your spouse, and your home safe from those who would do you harm.

You need the ALEXOR wireless home security system.

Alexor simply does not allow for breaches in your home security. This system will strike down upon burglars with all the might of justice, leaving your home, your family, and most importantly your sense of security and peace, untouched.


With the Alexor wireless security system, strength and speed don’t compromise intelligence. The Alexor’s front and back tamper switches mean that the system can’t be circumvented, even if a burglar is aware of its stealthy presence.  False alarm reduction features are also included, to ensure that action is only taken when it is really needed.


You don’t need to have a programming degree to operate your system fully, and technical difficulties will never cause you to compromise your safety. The onboard siren uses a simple yet extremely effective 85 decibels of scream to help eject anyone from your home who shouldn’t be there.


The Alexor home security alarm is fully wireless. This means the keypad, the siren and the control panel all talk without the encumbrance of wires … the lines of communication can’t be cut or otherwise compromised and cause the loss of precious seconds in a critical safety situation.

If you know the might of the Alexor is what you need to protect your own home and family, call today for fast installation of the world’s best wireless home security system.


Alexor Details and Features

As the general of an Alexor army, you’ll need to know what tools, what skills, what specialties you’re working with to help you win the war on household crime.

The system’s vital statistic include:


Program 32 wireless zones into the Alexor system. There are also 16 wireless keys which can be programmed without using a zone slot.


Program up to 16 different user codes, with 1 master code and 1 maintenance code which can be programmed.

You can also use DSC’s new ‘prox’ tag to arm and disarm your system quickly, without the need to enter a code. Simply swipe your prox tag across the front of the keypad.


This can be done via either GSM/GPRS, or over the internet via IP to provide a backup communications route if one system is unavailable. If you don’t have a traditional phone line, there is no need to have one installed (and pay the extra expense) just to have your home security alarm system in place.

Input/output terminals

There are two input and two output terminals on the Alexor to allow for multi-functionality with other home security devices.

Full fire and CO protection

Like the real army, the Alexor is there to protect your family from all sorts of threats, not just those presented by intruders into your land. Support is provided for:

  • Heat and smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Flood detection

Blistering speed

Alexor is designed for speedy installation. If you’ve had a near miss or a dizzying reality check regarding your personal safety, you’ll want to have your system in as soon as possible. The Alexor allows for this, with a Wireless Quick Enrol function for linking devices, and template programming available. Template programming inputs a complete template, fast – you can then customise it to suit yourself at any stage in the future. The completely wireless setup (where even the keypad, control panel and siren talk to each other wirelessly) means there are absolutely no structural changes needed to your house – just a few simple screws in the wall.


Wireless Security Products and Packages

With Alexor as the general, these supporting wireless home security products are the soldiers in its army.

Wireless Door/Window Contacts

These are the base intelligence units of your Alexor army. The door and window contacts are the scouts, which tell the main unit that defences have been breached. Base Alexor wireless home alarm packages have a minimum of 2 door/window contacts, and larger packages have more. You can always buy additional sensors – remember, full protection requires a sensor for every door and window through which your home is accessible.

Wireless Two-Way Keyfob (Prox Tag)

This makes arming and disarming your system when you’re in a rush, or have an armful of shopping, incredibly easy. Swipe your keyfob across the front of the system, or push a button on your keyfob, and the alarm will be either armed or disarmed.

The wireless keyfobs also allow for distress signals to be sent to your monitoring company from inside the house, if you are home with your system disarmed and an intruder forces their way in.

Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector

An invaluable addition to your Alexor system – this tool is the main eye of your system, constantly surveying areas of your home. It can optionally replace some of the extra door/window contacts that large homes might need.

Wireless Outdoor Sirens

A 105dB outdoor siren with blue strobe light will make sure that everybody in the neighbourhood knows that a thief is combing through your property. The blue strobe light helps people identify which home is under attack, and with multiple reports the authorities will arrive more quickly to protect your home. At 105dB, the siren itself is often enough to scare a thief away … for good.

Wireless outdoor sirens are fully battery powered (not dependant on mains power), and have a nominal battery life of approximately 5 years of ordinary use. There are indicators for low battery, poor RF status and tampering also.

Wireless LCD Keypad

This is included in all Alexor packages as one of your Alexor army’s base weapons in the battle against crime.

GSM Wireless Communicator

This feature is built into the Alexor 2-way wireless panel of some larger packages, and provides the backup needed to get in touch with your home alarm security monitoring company if the phone line is cut, or your internet service is unavailable.

Each item you add to your Alexor force makes it more impenetrable. Helps you sleep more deeply at night. Keeps your family safer.


Alexor Wireless vs Wired Systems

The battle for home security supremacy still rages in the ‘wired vs wireless’ home alarm arena. Warriors who prefer the traditional style of home security say that wired systems are needed for certain communications between the troops – your door contacts or motion detector, the sergeant (your Alexor control panel), and the general (your home security monitoring company). Those who are happy to progress in their methods of defence say that wireless is safer, faster, cheaper and easier to install … obviously the way of the future.

Who wins in this battle? How does the Alexor stack up against traditional arguments for or against wireless home alarm systems?

Wireless Home Alarm Systems and … Reliability

Traditionally, wireless home alarm systems were easy to interfere with. Signals dropped out. Other household electronics garbled the messages. Burglars with a technical bent could easily defeat them.

The ALEXOR is of a new breed of wireless home security system. The technology has improved in many ways:

  • Interference is far harder to achieve
  • The signal can be sent over larger distances
  • Deliberate tampering with the signal cannot occur
  • Backup communications are fitted – GSM/GPRS signal will alert your home security monitoring company if the ordinary IP method of sending isn’t achieved.

Wireless Home Alarm Systems and … Installation

There is a distinct advantage to wireless systems, in their speed of installation.

Did you know homes that have recently been burgled have a far higher chance of a repeat burglary? The intruders use their knowledge of the property and your belongings to come back for things they couldn’t get the first time … or for the new items your insurance has recently replaced. This makes speedy installation of a home alarm security system absolutely vital to the safety of your home, and also your family.

They’ll be back. But ALEXOR will be there for you this time.

Wireless Home Alarm Systems and … Tampering

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that because computers using wireless technology can be insecure, that a wireless home alarm system is also less secure than a wired one.

Computers are highly complex machines. With complexity comes tools that take advantage of loopholes in that complexity. Wireless home alarm systems like the Alexor exist for one purpose – to securely take care of your home and family. Every aspect is designed for resistance to attack. Wireless systems are incredibly difficult to crack … and the type of burglar that can do so is more likely to be breaking into banks than homes.

If you have any further concerns about wireless home alarm systems, we’re happy to discuss them with you. Get in touch with your local Alexor dealer today!



Why Do People Love Alexor?

Alexor has a solid base. It is equipped with the most advanced home security weaponry. It cannot be stopped.

Security industry professionals across the world are recognising this incredible power. So are consumers. Here is what people have to say about the Alexor system, in their own words … and what you have to look forward to, with the ALEXOR vanguard surrounding your precious home and family.

“The brain of the system can be placed out of sight, like in a closet … it makes the system feel much more reliable rather than having it right next to the front door”

“The Alexor seems to be a huge step forward for fully wireless systems. Now, the control can be placed in a secure location, and the user can have up to four full-functioned keypads that can be placed wherever convenient. Indoor and outdoor wireless sirens complete the picture.”  …

“The range is amazing. I wasn’t able to test for different types of construction (steel, concrete,  etc.), but I live in a 90 year old house with very solid materials and construction. I placed the panel in the basement and tried the keypad all over the house, up to and including the 3rd floor finished attic. The keypad never had a problem communicating with the panel. I then took the keypad for a walk (some strange looks from neighbors, but it’s not the first time). I walked at least two hundred feet down the sidewalk with no reception problems whatsoever” ~Ken from Pittsburgh

Looks like a decent system to me and can’t wait to get my hands on one. ~Snipes from Canada

Most reviewers and testers are impressed by the system’s full wirelessness:

“The main panel or brains of the system is installed in the basement near the electrical and phone lines so it can be easily connected to both and it’s out of the way.  The keypad is completely wireless and runs on batteries so you literally just attach it to the wall where it’s needed.  You can just as easily add another keypad at the back door and/or master bedroom.  Likewise the sensors are all wireless” ~ R. Mowles.

The guys at Orange County Choppers depend on Alexor’s fully wireless army of technology to protect their enormous warehouse, filled with very expensive motorbikes. Check out the video log of the system installation in their shed – the Alexor alarm panels fit right in with the raw, tough, yet perfected aesthetics of the Orange County Choppers workplace.


Technology has certainly improved security with the Alexor. Experience the difference for yourself – get a quote, ask a question, or arrange your own installation today