Back to Base Security Systems Hills District

The Hills District is a fantastic place to live, with many of us waking to the sound of cackling kookaburras, taking a short drive to drop the kids at school, and coming home after dinner at one of the beautiful nearby restaurants. That beautiful, community-minded lifestyle can be easily threatened by crime, though.

Hills District home security systems are sorely needed by many homes, surrounded as we are by many people but also many easy escape routes for burglars.

Hills District Security System Recommendations

Homes in Sydney’s Hills District are vulnerable to property crime. We recommend you fortify your home by:

Installing a security system: Hills District homes are best protected by a back to base security system. Pacific Security Technology is only a few minutes away from the Hills District, and we work closely with all the local police departments.

Install CCTV: Unfortunately, escape avenues are abundant in the Hills District. Punishment is the best deterrent to home intruders, and CCTV systems are the element of Hills District security systems which best assures that offenders will be caught and punished.

Know your crime statistics: Public transport is scarce throughout the Hills District, however the public transport hubs that can be found within the district have very definite crime circles around them. Though there are no train lines through the main parts of the Hills District, property owners near bus stops should pay extra attention to their security system.

If your home is in close proximity to one of the many areas of public land in the Hills (such as Castle Hill Heritage Park, Dural State Forest, Cumberland State Forest or Bidjigal Reserve), you should also install a Hills District security system.

Why Choose Pacific Security Technology?

Pacific Security Technology is well known to residents of the Hills District, as one of the physically closest back to base monitoring companies back to base monitoring companies. This closeness is a real advantage if your Hills District security system is ever activated.

Our Hills District security system monitoring company uniquely offers:

  • Contract-free monitoring. We keep your business with excellent service and competitive rates, not with the lock and key of a contract!
  • An enormous range of security options to enhance your personal safety, both from intruders and from environmental threats like fire and carbon monoxide.

We also offer all Hills District householders FREE consultations! Get in touch with us to start building up your home’s defenses today.