Ademco Home Security Systems

Honeywell Backup; Fantastic Value

Ademco is a Honeywell brand of alarms, designed and manufactured using the most rigorous standards and foolproof security systems on the planet. Most Honeywell alarms are Ademco branded, and as such Ademco alarms are one of our most recommended home alarm systems.

Ademco Home Alarm Options

Ademco alarm systems are designed first for safety, secondly for user-friendliness, and third for advanced features … but those two focuses come very close in second and third place! With Ademco alarms and Ademco alarm maintenance through PST, you have access to:

Back to base monitoring services

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Ademco Alarm System FAQs
Need more information about your Ademco alarm? Pacific Security Technology are always happy to help with Ademco alarm service in Sydney, but if you prefer to self-solve your problem where possible, here are some answers to our frequently asked questions:

Can I get a technician’s code for my Ademco home alarm to do maintenance work?
Unfortunately technician’s codes are issued only to technicians! While we appreciate that many customers have advanced electrical and building skills, the programming required to make changes to your system can be complex. Pacific Security Technology is happy to do Ademco alarm service in Sydney even if you did not purchase your system through us, and don’t have monitoring through us.

What size battery should go in my Ademco keypad or wireless sensors?
Your Ademco backup battery size for the wireless sensors will be either 3V (from specialty battery suppliers, or through Pacific Security Technology), or 9V (available in supermarkets).

Your Ademco system replacement battery should be replaced by your installer – luckily this need happen only every three years or so!

Help! My Ademco alarm is beeping and I’m not sure why!
Pacific Security Technology can help, even with self-installed alarms or non-monitored alarms. We offer a 24-hour response service with close to immediate call out times. We will need proof that you are the owner of the property, such as photo ID in combination with evidence of residence.

Why Buy Ademco Alarm Systems Through Pacific Security Technology?
Pacific Security Technology are one of Sydney’s foremost Ademco alarm service and sales outlets. We you have your back to base Ademco alarm monitored through us, you have access to:
• NO contracts!
• 24/7 help
• A full state of the art range of security equipment, qualified installers and expert advice
• Over 20 years experience in home security

We’re here to install, program, monitor and train you in your Ademco alarm features today!