Why Get a Security System? Crime in Warringah

Warringah is in the top coveted few local government areas in the Bankwest Quality of Life index across all of Australia. With such gorgeous beaches, family atmosphere and lush national parks, this is unsurprising! Yet there remain some serious crime hotspots in Warringah, as revealed by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research in NSW. If you live in any of the below areas, a Warringah security system is a must:

  • Streets adjoining Pittwater Rd in Collaroy, Collaroy Beach and Narrabeen
  • Residential areas of Collaroy bordered by Telopea St, Parkes Rd and Anzac Ave as well as Pittwater Rd
  • Homes near to Dee Why Park and Dee Why Lagoon
  • Streets in Narraweena which run onto Warringah Rd and Pittwater Rd
  • The strip of streets running from Nolan Reserve out to the coast


There were also 281 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 1142 cases of malicious damage to property which could have been prevented by a Warringah security system.

Warringah Community Safety Initiatives

The Warringah Crime Prevention Plan is several years old, and expired in :

  • Translated information on crime prevention strategies and services. If you know somebody who has trouble protecting themselves because they don’t speak English, put them in touch with the Council.
  • Environmental design for crime prevention
  • Anti-bullying programs and youth support services

The Warringah Council also has several different avenues for providing feedback, requesting services and having your say about issues within the community. Check out their website, and don’t let a good idea for supporting Warringah security systems go unheeded!

Suggested Instructions for Warringah Security System Owners

Having your Warringah security system installed is a critical first step. The next most important decision you make will be the instructions left to your Warringah security system monitoring company, giving directions for in the event of a break in.

The recommended best practices are:

  • If the alarm is activated for more than 30 seconds, we call your emergency number to check whether it is a false alarm.
  • If not, we’ll have a police officer from either Dee Why, Mpna Vale or Frenchs Forest station attend.
  • A guard is simultaneously dispatched to protect your home and family in case the police response is delayed
  • If you haven’t yet been contacted, we’ll continue to attempt to on your alternative contact numbers.

Calm and fresh, Warringah is a great place to get out, about and away from your home … as long as you know it is protected by a Warringah security system! Get your FREE quote today, get out and start living!