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Pacific Security Technology is one of Australia’s only providers to cover all bases in regards to home and office security systems.

With a product catalogue of over 5,000 trusted security products, you can rest assured that we have the right components for your domestic or commercial property, guaranteed.

Furthermore, all of our products and services are covered by our competitive 12-Month guarantee.


Your Home and Office Security, Sorted.

We don’t mess around when it comes to your security, so it’s essential that we stock all major alarm brands and their most up-to-date models.

As such, we’re able to provide our customers with full system set-ups, additional components, upgraded parts, extra auxiliaries and stand-alone systems for all alarm brands, including but not limited to:

If your alarm brand isn’t listed here, please contact us and we’ll be able to answer any questions you might have.


Popular Products

We stock a wide range of products, related to any and all major alarm brands across Australia. If you don’t know what products your home or office requires, or which can be of the most benefit to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to guide you.


Keypads and Access Control:

Your alarm’s control panel is essentially the system’s brain. It controls all aspects of your alarm and its auxiliaries and, depending on the keypad you own, will likely be able to communicate with third-party application on your mobile device. With respect to Access Control, your keypad will determine who has access to the premises and when access can be granted. Click here to see our list of Keypads.


Motion Detectors:

Potentially the most important aspect of any intrusion detection system, your alarm’s motion detectors are responsible for identifying movement within your property and determining whether that movement is a threat or not. Your motion detectors can be set-up to prevent your pets from setting them off at night, or adjusted to account for strong winds and incoming storms – it’s not unheard of for overly sensitive detectors from picking up movement in your curtains if there’s a strong breeze. Get in touch with us to ensure your motion detectors are set up properly.



The equivalent of your alarm’s voice, the Siren is effectively the system’s biggest deterrent. If your siren isn’t functioning properly, it may be the invitation burglars are looking for to gain unlawful entry to your premises. Having a loud siren in place is something that most burglars will steer clear of because they don’t want the attention that comes with the noise you’re your siren is sounding unexpectedly, or for no reason at all, please get in touch with us immediately as you could receive noise complaints from your neighbours or even be fined by local council if the situation isn’t remedied quickly.


Back-Up Batteries and External Power Supplies

Essentially the heart of your system, your alarm’s back-up batteries or external power supplies are in place to provide power to your system in the event of a power cut, whether accidental or intentional. When professional burglars attempt to enter protected premises, they will usually attempt to cut power to the premises to prevent your alarm from alerting the police or your back-to-base monitoring station. Unfortunately, most people don’t take their back-up batteries into account and fail to have them serviced, resulting in the alarm being completely deactivated during a power outage. Make sure your back-up batteries are working as they should by calling us today on 1300 660 445.



Depending on your property and types of protection you’d like to have in place, your alarm system will require additional auxiliaries that may include anything from CCTV cameras and motion detectors to dual sirens, flood detectors and back-to-base capabilities. If you’d like more information on which of these are best for your system and what may be required to have them installed, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


Small Enough to Care, Big Enough to Perform

Pacific Security Technology is run by a small team of professionals with over two decades’ experience in home and commercial security systems and you can rest assured that we will do our very best to ensure that your premises is equipped with the most effective systems for the task at hand.

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We have serviced hundreds of clients across Sydney and take great pride in being able to deliver above and beyond their expectations in each and every instance.

To find out more about our alarm and security system services, including cost-effective installations, once-off repairs, system upgrades, ongoing maintenance or setting up additional layers of protection, please click here.


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