Why Get a Security System? Crime in Camden

Camden enjoys the relative bliss of low property crime rates alongside low rates of other crime, such as assaults, graffiti and malicious damage to property. However, the entire Camden local government area does not exist in a bubble, unfortunately. We recommend Camden security systems for residents of:

  • The entire suburb of Narellan, but especially the streets surrounding the Narellan Community Health Centre.
  • Those in the Mount Annan and Currans Hill district
  • The streets adjacent to the chain of reserves between Elderslie and Spring Farm, between Camden Valley Way and the Camden Bypass


 There were also 128 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 564 cases of malicious damage to property where a Camden security system could have either deterred the offender or assisted in gaining a prosecution for the crime.

Camden is a relatively quiet area of Sydney, where there is undoubtedly better safety for both people and property. Yet burglaries are certainly not unknown – they are simply spread quite evenly over the suburb.

Camden Community Safety Initiatives

The Camden City Council doesn’t focus on community safety or crime prevention as part of its core activities, as other inner city councils do. This is due to generally low crime rates.

However, if you are like around half of families in Camden and have small, vulnerable precious reasons to protect your home, you should be taking matters into your own hands. A Camden security system monitored by Pacific Security Technology is the only way to be sure you’re properly looking after your future generation.

Suggested Instructions for Camden Security System Owners

Pacific Security Technology is an excellent choice of Camden security system monitoring. Our headquarters is located in Granville, with a direct highway drive to Camden to safeguard your home. If your alarm is activated, we usually act according to the following instructions:

  • Wait 30 seconds, then check that the alarm activation was not an accident.
  • Immediately contact your closest police station. Depending on your address, this will be either Narellan, Picton, or The Oaks station.
  • Dispatch a guard, while the headquarters also notifies you via your nominated contact number.

Don’t be lulled into a fale sense of security by Camden’s quiet streets and unaware attitude.Call Pacific Security Technology for certainty in home protection today.