Alarm Repair Service in Liverpool

The Liverpool are some of the most beautiful areas of the city, with ocean views, green landscapes and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Yet at Pacific Security Technology we find home security systems in the Liverpool are activated a surprising number of times … working hard to keep their owners safe.

If you’re considering installing a security system in the Liverpool , switching your monitoring company or simply securing your home a little better, here’s what you should know.

Liverpool Security System Recommendations

For homes in the Liverpool, we recommend the following security measures:

A back to base alarm system: Choose a silent alarm system if you’re mostly concerned about safety while you aren’t at home; choose an alarm system with a screamer siren if you’re concerned about security while you’re in your house.

No dummy cameras or signage: We find that real Liverpool security systems are a definite deterrent … but dummy cameras, dummy security sensors and fake security monitoring signage is actually a beacon for criminals.

Is Your Liverpool Home REALLY Protected?

The NSW Police Force have put out a substantial checklist including all their recommended security options. To facilitate the fast arrival of help when your Eastern suburbs security system is activated, take heed of this advice from the boys in blue:

  • Ensure your street number is clearly visible on driving past, both in the day and night time
  • Consider your landscaping to ensure our security guards or police easily be able to survey the boundaries of the house and the neighbouring buildings
  • Install sensor activated security lighting
  • Lock your electricity meter and secure your phone lines
  • Photograph your property, record serial numbers and engrave your driver’s license number on high-risk items such as electronics, antiques, and jewellery
  • Secure any cash you keep at home in a lockable safe

Why Choose Pacific Security Technology?

Many of your Liverpool neighbours already have security systems installed and monitored by Pacific Security Technology! We’ve built an incredibly strong customer base in security systems through:

  • NO fixed contracts. If you’re unhappy with our service, you are always free to leave!
  • Fantastic personal service. Our friendly security professionals always have time to hear your questions, allay your fears with real action, and put right your complaints
  • Fast responses, continuous monitoring. Your home is ALWAYS protected when you monitor with us. We have one of the fastest dispatch times to Liverpool security system callouts of any monitoring company.
  • Expertise with an enormous range of equipment, such as CCTV systems, high tech locking devices, intercom systems, personal pendant alarms, phone line cut-off detectors, heat and carbon monoxide detectors and much, much more …

Join your neighbours in the peace and safety of Pacific Security Technology’s protection, by contacting us today!