Back to Base Security Systems Western Sydney

The Western suburbs of Sydney are a big, diverse area, and also one of the fastest growing places in the city in terms of population. Greater Western Sydney is Australia’s fourth most populous metropolitan region, and covers an amazingly diverse range of regions. The only thing all these areas have in common is the need for a solid Western Sydney security system.

Western Sydney Security System Recommendations

Western Sydney homes should generally look for the following features in their overall security system:

  • Back to base alarm monitoring: This is the core of any good home security system, for Western Sydney homes as well as all others!
  • Perimeter and outdoor security features: Most Western Sydney homes are detached, so perimeter and garage security should also be a focus. Consider access control for your home’s outer boundaries, placing sensors for your security system in your garage, and implementing best practice landscaping.

Is Your Western Sydney Home REALLY Protected?

Official police guidelines recommend that Western Sydney security systems for homes include the following features:

  • Simple additions like house numbers which are visible from the street and at night, to assist our guards and police in finding your home if there is an alarm activation
  • Quality locking devices for garages, patios and back doors as well as the main entrance
  • Lighting that is sufficient to allow CCTV camera system recording, if installed
  • Lockable windows, with other Western Sydney security systems measures like glass break detectors


We’ll explain the best way to proceed at your FREE initial consultation for a security system in Western Sydney. Call today, and sleep better tonight!