Back to Base Alarms Security Systems Inner West

Living in Sydney’s Inner West gives a unique blend of heritage awareness and contemporary culture, with abundant beautiful architecture blended with a strong café culture and a young, vibrant feel. However, high density housing, an abundance of public transport and the temptation of less secure, older-style buildings mean that burglary and home invasion is a constant threat.

Inner West Security System Recommendations

We recommend high levels of home security systems or Inner West homes. In addition to the risk factors of older homes, prevalent public transport and high density housing, many of you living in Sydney’s Inner West will belong to one of the minority groups that makes Australia the beautiful place it is. Unfortunately, for minority groups personal safety is also a constant threat. We recommend the following security products to keep you happy, healthy and travelling towards your goals!

Personal security products: Pendant alarms and door and window contacts are recommended for Inner West homes.

Security systems for Inner West homes: Around 30% of Inner West homes are units or terraces, and about 25% are flats. Your intercom and access control systems may be taken care of, but you should have a higher level of security within your home. CCTV camera systems should be installed within your home, if you chose to utilise them, as should all alarm sensors.

Police dispatch: Professional police help is only minutes away in Sydney’s Inner West. We recommend you instruct us to immediately inform the police if your Inner West security system is activated, as well as dispatching a guard to your premises.

Is Your Inner West Home REALLY Protected?

Once you’ve put the basics of an Inner West security system in place, you need to make sure that it can be properly supported by Pacific Security technology or police backup. Police issued best practices for homeowners recommend:

  • You have Pacific Security Technology program a duress code (special alert code which can be used in case an intruder forces you to ‘disarm’ your system)
  • You upgrade your Inner West security system to a newer model if it is more than 10 years old
  • Your back to base alarm is tested regularly
  • You choose a home with off-street parking, or purchase your own off-street parking
  • You also secure your balcony with back to base sensors and sensor-activated lighting

We offer FREE consultations to help design an Inner West security system for your home.  Contact us today to find out how you can safely enjoy the hustle, bustle and fun of Inner West Sydney life!