About Sydney’s Favourite Alarm Services Provider

Established in 1987 by Basel Basset, Pacific Security Technology has continued to remain at the very forefront of home and commercial security by ensuring that our customers receive only the very best in service while paying as little as possible.

It’s never a good idea to skimp out on your security, whether your alarms are protecting your home or offices, but at the same time, it’s difficult to determine if you’re paying the right price for what’s being done, or whether the systems you’re installing are really suited to the job at hand.

It’s with that in mind that we have continued to provide Sydney Siders with unparalleled alarm installations, repairs, upgrades and ongoing maintenance at an incredibly competitive price, whilst guaranteeing our workmanship and the products we supply for 12 months – that’s more than any other provider that we know of!


Our Mission

Pacific Security Technology was founded on the principles of fairness and value-for-money.

When Basel Basset first migrated to Australia in the 80s, he was confronted by stiff prices and lax services when he first tried to have his Smithfield home protected.

In having spent nearly a decade consulting on home and office security systems back home, he was distraught at what he was experiencing in Australia and promised to do his very best to ensure that nobody go through the same expensive, ineffective security services that he’d received.

As such, Pacific Security Technology was born, created specifically to provide customers with a comprehensive service suite for all things security, at a very reasonable price.

Added to this, Basel went on to equip his service fleet with every tool and auxiliary that any alarm system could require, thereby minimising the need for return visits and giving rise to additional savings in both time and money for his customers.

As time went on, news spread of Basel’s ambitions, landing him job after job and each coming back with outstanding feedback.

Since its humble beginnings, Basel’s team has grown to encompass a small team of alarm professionals, vetted by himself personally to guarantee only the very highest in service standards – a pet hate of his has always been the fact that tradies would often attend a site, do their work and leave, with no regard for the condition of the premises after their work concluded. With that, Basel has always ensured that the properties he and his team attend are always left in a better state than when he arrived. That means no loose wires, no unnecessary holes in the wall, no out of place plaster and no mess.

No Nonsense, No Mess – Pacific Security Technology strives to provide a seamless alarm and security service, leaving your property and associated systems in perfect condition for your utmost peace of mind.


What Sets Us Apart?

You do.

We are proud of the fact that we put your needs, your budget and your property before anything else. That means that if your system only needs a few screws tightened, we won’t charge you for new components or unnecessary follow-up call-outs.

We’re not in the business of up-selling, unless of course your systems are genuinely out-of-date, unsafe or prone to ongoing issues. After all, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.


Small Enough To Care – Big Enough To Perform

Yes, that is our motto, but it’s true.

Basel has done his best to keep overheads to a minimum so that our pricing remains as low as possible and our customers save on pointless expense.

By keeping the team small, Basel has ensured that Pacific Security Technology’s professional technicians are always kept up-to-date with the very latest in security technologies and associated systems, thereby continuing to guarantee only the very best in customer service, workmanship and product performance.

Major Brand? No Problem.

Unlike most companies, across every industry, Basel has done his best to save his existing clientele, and customers-to-be, from booking services from under-qualified, lazy or unprofessional service providers. But how?

When your alarm encounters a fault, what is the first thing you’d think to do? Most likely refer to the user manual, we hope, but failing which you’d probably turn to the web, throw in a phrase like “DSC alarm help” or “how to turn off my beeping DAS alarm.”

It’s with that in mind, and Basel’s expertise across every major alarm brand, that he set-up a number of subsidiaries to Pacific Security Technology, each with their own websites and contact details to ensure that your Google Searches return the most useful information.

So whether you’re looking for services specific to your Bosch alarm system, you need an extra CCTV camera for your DSC system or you’d like to completely upgrade your home or office security, you’re likely to find that Pacific Security Technology are the service providers behind the professionals attending your home.

Our technicians respond to calls for a wide range of alarm brands, including;

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

While we’ve been slowly trying to build our web presence, we’ve started to receive a number of online reviews that are definitely worth a read. So, if you’re still unsure as to whether Pacific Security Technology and our professional alarm technicians are the right way to go for your home or commercial security needs, please click here to have review our previous customers’ feedback.

New for 2018

With Social Media becoming all the more important in today’s marketplace, we have decided to incorporate a number of ways for our customers to save even more on their service costs. Please have a look over our blog to find the latest deals, discounts and promotions to ensure you’re getting an even bigger bang for your buck. Click Here to visit our Blog.

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