Why Get a Security System? Hurstville Crime Hotspots

A lot of things happen in Hurstville! From recording the Bee Gee and hosting AC/DC, to raising Jack Brabham, to watching wave after wave of new faces from around the world arrive, this St George suburb is often at the centre of the action. However, your home is the last place that you want to find attention … especially from burglars.

While some of the western districts if Hurstville are considered quite safe, it is critical that you install a monitored Hurstville security system if you live in:

  • The suburb of Hurstville itself – all streets, especially in the area where Hurstville and Allawah meet
  • Areas of Beverly Hills and Penshurst surrounding King Georges Rd, south of the Beverly Hills train station.
  • Areas of Mortdale surrounding Renown Park, and the western part of Hurstville Grove


 There were also 147 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 865 cases of malicious damage to property in Hurstville. Security systems helped catch the intruders in many of these cases, and many more such crimes were actually prevented by Hurstville security systems.

Hurstville is in the middle of the suburban jungle, where most people are just trying to co-exist – but some are aiming to take what others have. Don’t let the beautiful community feel of the area be tainted by the experience of a burglary, when  Hurstville security system could so easily prevent it.

Hurstville Community Safety Initiatives

Hurstville City Council is aware of the struggles of many homeowners to balance safety needs, and have implemented a range of initiatives designed to complement (though not replace) your Hurstville security system.

Ask your local council about:

  • Street lighting assessments. If you feel your home is in a dark (and therefore vulnerable) position, Council may be able to add lighting under this aspect of the Community Safety Plan.
  • Safety Audits. Like many councils across Sydney, Hurstville security systems include environmental design for visibility and discouragement of illegal activity. If you know of a place prone to crime, get in touch with your council.
  • Community consultations and safety workshops. Make sure you check the News section of your local council website regularly, or read the local newspaper for notices of upcoming public meetings or safety expos being held. You can offer your thoughts on Hurstville’s overall security systems here.

The Hurstville Community Safety Plan is due to be reviewed soon. If you have ideas to contribute to the safety of the overall area in addition to personal Hurstville securiy systems, get in touch with your council.

Suggested Instructions for Hurstville Security System Owners

You set the instructions for if there is ever an activation of your Hurstville security system while we are monitoring. The best practice for safety in response is to:

  • First have us contact your local police station: either Hurstville or Riverwood depending on what section of Hurstville LAC you live in
  • Have a guard dispatched from our Granville base
  • While this is occurring, have the office notify you on your specified phone number as well a via email and text message.

Hurstville is quite a friendly place to live on the whole. Protect yourself, your family and home from the minority with a Pacific Security Technology monitored Hurstville security system – call for a FREE quote today.