Why Get a Security System? Fairfield Crime Hotspots

There are some corners of Fairfield relatively untouched by crime, where we get no callouts from the few Fairfield security systems. Unfortunately though, life isn’t as fair to all of Fairfield’s residents!  There are solid crime hotspots across much of this local government area.

We strongly recommend a Fairfield security system/ CCTV camera system if you live in one of the following high risk areas for break and enters:

  • The entire suburbs of Bonnyrigg, Canley Heights, St John’s Park and Fairfield Heights
  • Mt Pritchard in the streets surrounding the Whitlam Park Reserve
  • Cabramatta West in the area bordered by St Johns Rd, Cumberland Hwy, Cabramatta Rd West and Humphries Rd.
  • Carramar in the streets surrounding Sherwin Park, Johnstone Park, Parkes Reserve and the Carramar train station
  • Bonnyrigg Heights in the streets immediately north of North Liverpool Road.


 There were also 280 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 1545 cases of malicious damage to property in which a Fairfield security systems may have acted as a deterrent, and at least helped to prosecute an offender.

Fairfield is one of the most multicultural and linguistically diverse areas in the entire nation, and this can sometimes breed fear. It’s important to take steps to protect yourself (like a Fairfield security system), but never to imagine danger where it doesn’t exist!

Fairfield Community Safety Initiatives

Fairfield City Council is one of the most active in crime prevention across the entire metro area. In addition to the family-level protection of your Fairfield security system, utilise services like:

  • Translated information on crime prevention strategies and services. If you know somebody who has trouble protecting themselves because they don’t speak English, put them in touch with the Council.
  • Environmental design for crime prevention
  • Anti-bullying programs and youth support services

The overall Fairfield security system takes a holistic approach, though it lacks the concrete services provided by some other councils.

If you have an idea for something at a local council level that isn’t currently covered, get in touch with Fairfield City Council. They’ll shortly be reviewing the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan for 2013. Make your Fairfield security system ideas heard.

Suggested Instructions for Fairfield Security System Owners

One of the first steps after installing your Fairfield security system is to set out our instructions to follow in the event of activation. The following are best practices for Fairfield security system alarms:

  • Contact your nearest police station. Depending on the address where your Fairfield security system is installed, this could be Fairfield or Wetherill Park.
  • Dispatch a Pacific Security Technology guard immediately to respond to the Fairfield security system activation
  • Another officer at the headquarters will notify you of the alarm call on your nominated phone number.

Fairfield can be a fascinating and very rewarding place to live – especially when you have the inner sanctuary that a Fairfield security system brings. Get a FREE quote for installation of your system today!