Why Get a Security System? Crime in Botany Bay

Botany Bay was the traditional landing place for criminals coming from England to Australia. While much has changed in this now beautiful and historic suburb, there is still a central highly defined area of break and enter activity. Our Botany Bay security system callouts confirm what is seen on crime maps. You’ll definitely need a Botany Bay security system if you live in:

  • The area south of The Lakes Industrial Park
  • Streets east of Botany Road, south of Banksia Street and West of William Street.
  • Near the Gaiarine Gardens or Garnet Jackson Reserve
  • In the streets adjacent to the south-east bound stretch of Botany Rd


 There were also 84 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 493 cases of malicious damage to property. Quality Botany Bay security systems and the prompt response of Pacific Security Technology could have prevented these opportunistic crimes.

Many Botany Bay homes have an historic aspect that would be a shame to have destroyed in a break in, or during one of the frequent cases of malicious damage to property. Botany Bay security systems are one of the strongest deterrents in the home protection arsenal – much more than just a way to help recover property.

Botany Community Safety Initiatives

The Botany Bay council is doubtless involved in community safety planning, but they have not publicised any regional initiatives for you to take advantage of.

Take matters into your own hands, with the surety of a Botany Bay security system including back to base monitoring.

Suggested Instructions for Botany Bay Security System Owners

There are several police stations within or close to the Botany Bay. Security system activation instructions from homeowners to Pacific Security Technology often include the following steps:

  • Notify the closest police station. In Botany Bay this will be either Mascot or the Airport Policing station.
  • Simultaneously dispatch one of Pacific Security Technology’s trained and licensed security officers to secure the area.
  • Notify you of the alarm activation on your mobile or work number after these two critical steps are completed.

Botany Bay is certainly no longer the notorious criminal hotspot it was during the colonial years! Yet protection is still critical for all families and homes, and a Botany Bay security system is the gold standard. Contact us to start building your fortress today.