Why Get a Security System? Crime in Campbelltown

When you look at Campbelltown as a whole, the average crime rates look fairly low. However, for residents of some particular areas in Campbelltown, these averages can create a false sense of reality. Crime is non-existent in the large military area, but relatively common in other parts of the LGA. If you live in any of the following areas you have a very high risk of needing your Campbelltown security system to protect your property, family, or life.

  • Within a couple of streets of the Minto, Leumeah, Campbelltown or Macarthur train stations
  • The Ambarvale area, especially the streets south of Therry Road and west of Appin Road
  • The Airds and Bradbury areas, especially around Airds High School, Fisher’s Ghost Reserve, Kevin Wheatley Memorial Reserve and Baden Powell Reserve.
  • Streets surrounding the Thomas Acres Reserve running through the northern part of Rosemeadow.


There were also 531 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 2858 cases of malicious damage to property, mostly centred around the same areas mentioned above.  A Campbelltown security system could have prevented or helped gain a prosecution in the majority of these cases.

Campbelltown Community Safety Initiatives

As befits the Campbelltown Council area’s status as a major regional centre of Sydney, the council has a comprehensive crime prevention plan which can complement your Campbelltown security system.

Take advantage of initiatives like:

  • The downloadable inventory list available from the council’s ‘Home Security and Property Marking’ page, which gives you an easy place to record all of your serial numbers
  • The interactive crime expo. Although this is not held every year, when crime rates go up and interest around reducing fear increases in council, the expo is often held again.
  • Operation Bounce Back. This vehicle immobiliser system mirrors our home security systems for Campbelltown homes, and has been very successful.
  • Street lighting improvements are being made throughout the council area. If you have lighting issues near your home, contact Council to ask for them to be rectified. This will act in concert with your Campbelltown security system.

Suggested Instructions for Campbelltown Security System Owners

You’ll need to let us know how we should respond to an activation of your Campbelltown security system. As Campbelltown is some distance from the metro area, we recommend those instructions should be:

  • Contacting police with details of your alarm activation first
  • Dispatching an armed and trained guard to your premises
  • Having the office contact you on your nominated phone number while both the police and guards are on their way to defend your home.

Campbelltown is a lovely place to live – and it can feel even better when you know that your home enjoys the fortressing of a Pacific Security Technology security system in Campbelltown. Call today!