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Ku Ring Gai, one of the best known areas in Sydney’s North Shore, was recently identified as the best place to live in all of Australia!

Yet a quick look at the crime maps tells us that even Australia’s most livable suburb is not immune to the actions of those who really don’t care about the law, your possessions or your mental health. There’s an easy way to ensure that your little home in the North Shore is as idyllic as the overall area … with the nurturing protection of Pacific Security Technology’s North Shore security systems.

North Shore Security System Recommendations

For homes in the North Shore, we recommend the following security measures:

Extra protection areas: All of the following suburbs show especially high rates of break and enters as well as ‘steal from dwelling’ offences. We recommend North Shore security systems in these suburbs definitely include a back to base component, and potentially CCTV camera systems or advanced locking devices:

  • Artarmon
  • Crows nest
  • St Leonards
  • Naremburn
  • The eastern half of Chatsworth

Backup devices: Higher property prices and well-furnished homes attract a different class of criminal than the opportunists which plague other areas of Sydney. We recommend that North Shore security systems include components such as glass break detectors, phone line cut off and video loss detectors, auto tracking CCTV camera systems and alternative locking devices which can’t be circumvented.

Is Your North Shore Home REALLY Protected?

Homes tend to be large in this area, and offer quite a few entry points. It’s essential that you follow best practices to support your North Shore security systems, including:

  • Removing hiding places from around your home, and also creating a clear line of sight from the neighbour’s yard and the street to your home
  • Ensuring that your home’s alternate entries are as well-protected as the front door – including the garage, the back door, patios and balconies. Install motion-activated lighting, back-to-base door and windows sensors and consider CCTV cameras at each of these points to complete your North Shore security system
  • Using perimeter fences and locking gates to restrict access to your property. Remember, even if someone is able to get into your property, they won’t want to burgle you if they can’t get away with their haul!

At Pacific Security Technology, we’re happy to help you secure your home through both common sense strategies and North Shore security systems made with the most advanced technology.

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