Claiming on your Insurance for Severe Damage to your Alarms and associated Systems

Call Pacific Security Technology today to have us visit your property, perform a professional inspection on your damaged alarm systems and provide you with an insurance quotation, free of charge.That means no callout fees on both the initial and follow up visits and no installation, repair or replacement fees!

Our professional alarm technicians will compile a report based on our findings and put together a cost-effective service package for you to pass to your insurance provider. This will allow us to work closely with your insurer, thereby ensuring the fastest and most efficient alarm replacement or repair services are made available to you, as their clients.

The fastest and most effective way to restore your property’s security following direct lightning strikes, torrential rain, floods and associated severe weather.

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What Can Damage Your Home and Commercial Security Systems?

It is not uncommon for both domestic and commercial properties across Australia to fall victim to the effects of severe weather; whether it’s soaring summer heats; torrential rains for days on end; rip-roaring winds or; imposing thunder storms.

While your homes of offices may be able to endure the weather, it’s possible that your alarm systems and other ancillaries, such as television antennas and set-top boxes, be damaged by the likes of lightning strikes or the residual discharge from strikes occurring nearby; being inundated with water or; in warmer climbs, failing to work properly due to extreme heat.

Whatever the case may be, Pacific Security Technology is proud to offer those residing in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs with some of the country’s most effective remedial services for damage to domestic and commercial security systems. Simply get in touch with us by calling 1300 660 445, register your interest, and we’ll have one of our professional technicians swing by to perform the inspection and get the ball rolling.

Depending on the specifics of your particular policy, your insurance provider may cover your alarm systems in cases where damage has been caused by tampering; most commonly as a result of burglars or thieves trying to deactivate the system prior to entering the property.

If you’ve recently experienced a burglary or attempted break-in and you fear that your alarm systems may have been compromised, we strongly suggest that you check with your insurance provider as to whether your systems are covered. If they are, simply arrange an inspection with us and we’ll take it from there.

What Aspects of Your Home or Commercial Systems Can Become Damaged?

While it may be apparent that your alarm will sustain damage from direct lightning strikes to your home or office building, for example, what isn’t necessarily as clear is where the damage occurs most frequently and what the effects of that damage is. Let’s take a closer look:

  • The Alarm System’s Main Control Panel: Particularly as a result of direct lightning strikes or residual electrical discharge, your system’s control panel may turn off or become either partially or entirely unresponsive. The consequences of your alarm panel becoming damaged can vary from minor signal failures between sensors, sirens, external communications and the panel itself, to more severe cases where the systems fail to work entirely. In cases where damage to the control panel has been caused by other means, such as flooding or extreme heat, you may find that just the control panel needs replacing, compared to electrical damage which can render the entire system useless.
  • Back-Up Batteries: Usually kept out of sight, many people fail to take the wellbeing of their systems’ back-up batteries into consideration. Back-up batteries are in place to ensure that your alarm continues to operate in the event that the system’s main power supply be interrupted – a common practice for burglars as people often forget to have their batteries checked or replaced, so a simple snip to the property’s main power supply can render it defenceless. With that, back-up batteries are prone to suffering ruptures and leakages as a result of direct lightning strikes, floods and extreme heat.
  • Motion Sensors: It may not be clear as to whether your sensors are fully functional following a storm or other severe weather as, in most cases, they wouldn’t give any clues as to their functionality anyway. Therefore, what you take as being “safe silence” could well be a dysfunctional sensor failing to pick up on movement. The same can be said for motion-sensitive lights and cameras, although the latter can be checked on a computer with relative ease.
  • Wiring:Most commonly as a result of lightning, the wires that connect the various elements of your alarm system, as well as those within each of the respective units, can melt; become frayed or torn or; short-out if the current is high enough. It isn’t always immediately clear as to which of the systems’ wires have become damaged, but a professional inspection is a sure-fire way to locate any potential problems and have them resolved quickly.

Depending on the systems you have installed, their given locations within your property and the locations of their respective auxiliaries, you may find that your systems are protected from severe weather. However, it is often difficult to fully determine which aspects of an alarm may have become damaged without the use of specialised tools and an expert eye.

If your property or those neighbouring yours have recently been struck by lightning or succumb to other forms of severe weather, it’s important to bear in mind that many of the issues your system faces may not be immediately clear. It is therefore strongly recommended that you have your alarms and associated security systems checked as soon as possible following the storms or extreme heat.

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