Professional Alarm Maintenance and Strata Management Services

Pacific Security Technology has been working across all major alarm brands, makes and models for over 20 years, giving us the means to carry out some of the most cost-effective and reliable alarm maintenance services in New South Wales.

Whether you own a 15-year-old Crow System or you run 15 of the newest DSC panels across your collection of properties, our technicians are fully equipped to handle every element of your systems and their respective components.

Wherever a fault arises or parts need replacing, we arrive with all the necessary tools and components to ensure your systems are repaired on the spot, without the need for return visits.

Offering once-off maintenance services for those looking to renew their insurance policies, or regular servicing over multiple properties, Pacific Security Technology is sure to provide you with a service that you can trust.


5-Star Reviews from Our Satisfied Customers

We pride ourselves on impeccable workmanship and expansive product knowledge, as well as being equipped with the tools and expertise to handle any given alarm issue, fault or ailment. More than that, we like to treat the properties we service as though they were our own, meaning a flawless service with no messy wiring, no paint or plaster stains and absolutely no holes where they shouldn’t be!

Don’t just take our word for it though, have a look at the long list of 5-Star reviews left by happy PST customers across Google and Facebook.


We Work Across All Major Alarm Makes and Models in Australia

Our technicians are experts across all leading alarm manufacturers and their respective components, making your next security system upgrade a walk in the park. With over 20 years’ experience across all facets of alarm service and the experience to suit, call Pacific Security Technology on 1300 660 445 to have one of our specialists provide you with a fast and effective upgrade today. We’re able to service all of the following big name brands and many more;

If your alarm system isn’t listed here, please get in touch with our offices anyway as we’re likely to have the components your system requires or have access to them for fast delivery if the items are no longer stocked in Australia.


Why is Regular Alarm Maintenance So Important?

An alarm system acts an intruder deterrent in more ways than simply making a noise and alerting the police to any impending threats.

Burglars and thieves, especially those who do it for a living, know that they face a number of obstacles when coming to perform a successful break-in. The single most important aspect of effective home and office protection is to have a functional alarm system.

While it is true that alarm branding, visible alarm components and the siren itself can be effective deterrents on their own, it’s an unfortunate fact that some rely on that fact too much – and vetted criminals know that.

It’s a common occurrence that people believe their dysfunctional or deactivated alarm systems can ward off unwelcome guests, just by having it in plain view on the outside of the house and that may be true when it comes to the less experienced burglars. There are a number of tell-tale signs that they can use to accurately determine whether your alarm is active or not, and in this day and age, it’s just too risky to hope for the best.

Added to this, if you hope to insure the contents of your home or office, the companies providing cover will often stipulate that your property needs to be effectively protected against intrusion. Needless to say, if your alarm isn’t functioning properly or its completely deactivated, your chances of making a successful claim in the event of a burglary can be greatly effected.


Common Maintenance Practices

Although all aspects of your alarm systems will be examined and tested by one of our professional technicians, we will tend to focus our attention on your system’s back-up batteries and external power supplies – if you don’t have one, contact us as soon as possible to arrange for an installation.

Back-up batteries are designed to handle large power demands, but as a consequence they have relatively short lifespans and need to be inspected and or replaced at least once every year to be at their most effective, especially if they’ve been put to use through power cuts or outages in the past.

If your back-up battery fails during a power cut, your alarm system will shut down, leaving you exposed to the threat of burglary or intrusion, making it imperative that you have them checked and/or replaced regularly.

Power Surges and electrical storms can often cause unforeseen damage to various electrical components in a given property, including your alarm systems. In some cases entire systems can become corrupted and in others only certain components are effected, but we make sure to check everything, down to the wire, to ensure your systems are working at their best.

External power supplies can be anything from back-up batteries to generators and hard-wire power extensions to neighbouring boards – though the latter are getting harder to come by these days. With that, it’s important to have them assessed frequently to ensure ongoing protection when it matters most.

We’re able to provide once-off, annual, bi-annual, monthly and weekly maintenance packages to both domestic and commercial clients – just get in touch with us and let us know what you need.


Real Estate and Strata Management Solutions across Sydney

Whether you own or manage a single duplex or several apartment complexes across the state, we have the means to provide you with a fast and effective security management solution, covering all of your strata security requirements and helping you to comply to insurance standards.

Pacific Security Technology can arrange to have your sites visited for installations, repairs, upgrades or regular maintenance at times that suit you, at real value-for-money prices.

It is always in our best interest to put our customers first, meaning that we’ll be sure to take the greatest care and consideration when providing any services at your property and providing only the highest quality workmanship in everything we do.

If you’d like to know more about what we can do for you, your real estate and future tenants, get in touch with us today by calling 1300 660 445 or by sending an email to today. A qualified technician will be happy to answer any questions and provide you with a tailored solution to meet your exact requirements and those of your respective properties, whether domestic, commercial or industrial.

Here’s a list of services that strata management, body corporates and estate agents use and benefit from with us;

  • Standard Site Maintenance to cover all aspects of the associated alarm and security systems
  • Scheduled Back-Up Battery Replacements
  • External Power Supply Servicing
  • Keypad Maintenance and Updates
  • Access Control Updates, Patching and Replacement Codes
  • Back-to-Base Integration–Popular
  • Guard Response Services
  • Insurance Liaison Services
  • Discounted Emergency Telephone Assistance


What is Back-to-Base Integration?

Most modern alarm systems will have the ability to incorporate or run back-to-base monitoring. By setting this up, you will allow for our security experts to monitor your security systems’ activity remotely and in real time, making for an additional layer of protection, ease of use and peace of mind.

It is essentially most useful while you are away from the premises, where trained professionals monitor for any discrepancies in the movements at your property. Should anything suspicious happen, the monitoring station will contact you immediately and go on to call the police and dispatch a professional security guard if you wish.
Click here to find out more about Back-to-Base Monitoring.

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