Providing Sydney with The Very Best in Alarm and Security Services

Pacific Security Technology was established to provide Sydney Siders with a wide range of unparalleled alarm and security system services and the expertise to suit, all while trying to keep our customers’ costs to a minimum.

Our alarm technicians share in over 20 years’ experience across all major alarm and security system brands, for both the office and the home, and put it to great use when handling any alarm installation, repair, upgrade or maintenance service.

Whether your alarm is out-of-date and in need of an overhaul or you simply need your back-up battery replaced, Pacific Security Technology will ensure that your systems are handled with the utmost expertise and that every inch of your premises is treated as though it were our own.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality workmanship more than anything else, giving rise to seamless installations, repairs, upgrades and maintenance services – that means no unnecessary holes in the wall, no ripped up carpet corners, no loose wires and no mess.


Have a professional alarm technician from Pacific Security Technology service your security systems today.

We arrive fully equipped to handle any and all issues, faults and ailments with your given alarm or security systems, meaning no return visits and bigger savings for you.


We Cover all Major Alarm Brands

We’ve worked hard over the years to ensure that our tight-knit team are well versed and up-to-date with the latest advances across all leading alarm brands and manufacturers. We’ll continue to do it too, because it means that when you give us a call, we know right away what we’ll need to help you.

With that, our technicians are experts across every major alarm brand in Australia, including but not limited to the following;

We’re The Experts When It Comes to Your Home or Office Security.

Pacific Security Technology provides customers across Sydney with a wide range of services tailored to their given alarms and security systems, and we’re very good at what we do! Read our reviews on Google.

We specialise in Home and Office;

Alarm Installations

Moved into a new place? Built a new place? If you don’t have an alarm system set-up in your property, whether domestic or commercial, you run the risk of intrusion and burglary. Worse still, if you don’t have one installed and you are burgled, you may find it difficult to make a successful claim on your home of office insurance. Give us a call today on 1300 660 445 to have one of our professionals lend you a hand. Find out more.


Alarm Repair

Has your alarm been acting out recently, or perhaps not acting at all? It might be time for a service and Pacific Security Technology is sure to have your systems back up and running in no time. If you’re having a beeping alarm emergency and need to shut it off immediately, we can help you over the phone for just $60 Inc. GST. Find out more.


Alarm Upgrades

As with most pieces of technology, as new ones emerge, old ones become obsolete or easier to crack. Unfortunately, the same can be said for alarms and security systems. It’s with that in mind that we offer customers a wide range of upgrade options, maximising security without breaking the bank. Find out more.


Alarm Maintenance

Pacific Security Technology can provide your home or offices with regular maintenance services to ensure that your family and assets are always protected and your insurance policies are always covered. Find out more.


Back-Up Battery Replacements and Services

Your alarm’s back-up battery is its lifeline in the event of a power outage, whether intentional or accidental. Due to their high output, the lives of back-up batteries are relatively short, especially if having been worked repetitively in the past. As such, we offer a quick and easy back-up battery replacement service to ensure your back-up is fit to do its job. 


Back-To-Base Monitoring

We can set your systems up to allow for continuous overwatch, whereby trained alarm professionals control and monitor your alarm and security systems from the PST Back-To-Base Monitoring Station, informing you in real-time of any issues that might need your attention. Find out more.


Guard Response

Going hand-in-hand with our back-to-base services, we can have a professional security guard attend your premises to deter and minimise any potential threats. Find out more.


Flood Detection

Through Flood Detection Solutions, a subsidiary of Pacific Security Technology, customers can benefit from the very best in accurate flood detection whether it be to ensure the safety of your family and assets or to help in Development Approval applications. FDS units are available globally as an incentive to promote flood awareness and improve survivor rates in times of crisis. Find out more.


New Build Installations and Consulting

Seeking Development Approval? Hoping to ensure the very best in home or office security for future tenants? We can work alongside developers and engineers to have the latest and most effective security systems installed as the premises is being built. Find out more.


Real Estate and Strata Management * Coming Soon *

Pacific Security Technology can provide all of the above services as a tailored package to suit the needs of your real estate or strata management requirements. Simply register your details through our site and access your personalised strata management profile. Find out more.

All services are scalable
– whether you own a bungalow or three duplex apartment blocks, we can provide you with a single service solution suite that covers all bases in regards to your alarm and security systems.


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