Privacy Policy

The ownership of belongs to us and we also operate this website. While using this website, you have accepted the Internet Privacy Policy of this very website which is already mentioned on our page. Internet Privacy Policy is nothing but the policy which relates to the gathering and use of information that you provide us.


We reserve the right to change, modify or remove some parts of the Internet Privacy Policy from time to time. The same can happen in the case of updating our website. So it is better to check our website from time to time for your satisfaction with our policy. We do not have any kind of responsibilities for the websites which may be linked to our website. So be careful while using an unknown site, you should go through the privacy section of the website first before disclosing your personal information to them.


It is always our first preference to protect the privacy of information we gathered from the visitors who browse our website, especially that information which are capable of the identification of an individual that means the personal information. We use this kind of information only for statical analysis purposes and for providing you with a better service. With this information, we customize our website regarding your needs. You should check the section of our privacy policy periodically so that it may help you to be aware of the changes in our privacy policy. If you have any complaints or objections to our privacy policy then write us, we will correct the incorrect if needed.


Personal Information

We require personal information in the case of providing service, answering queries, forwarding information about products and in other cases. But the important thing to be noticed is that we collect information from the visitors to our sites only when they willingly submit them to us. We do not share or sell any kind of personal information to third-party websites or in other hands. It is always our intention to protect the privacy of the information you submitted to us.


Use of Information

The information which our visitors submit to us is only used to execute the purpose for which the information we collect or for other reasons connected with the primary purpose unless we make any declaration about the other usage of information by changing the Internet Privacy Policy or at the very time of asking the information. The copies of the correspondence which may contain personal information are sent from the site and are being stored in the form of archives only for backup and record-keeping motto.



We may disclose information in special cases where we have proper reasons and it becomes necessary to take legal measurements against anyone injuring, damaging or interfering with our property or rights, harming others through our website, identifying someone, contacting someone and so on. We also disclose the information when the law itself requires it. So the disclosure process of information is beyond your consent where you agree that disclosure is necessary to achieve the mottos for which it was provided, we can use them in the special case mentioned above. We may manage third parties for service on our behalf. In this case, we may disclose the personal information you submit to us to provide you with a  service or meet your requests.



We always endeavour to ensure the protection and privacy of the personal details of our visitors which they provided us. We also try to maintain the security, privacy and integrity of the information once they are submitted to our site. We use the latest technology for ensuring security and protection of the information but in the case of online data transmission, it is not secure in all aspects. However, we strive to maintain the protection and privacy of the personal details you submit to us by taking all possible reasonable steps. Our employees and contractors maintain the confidentiality of the personal information we collected from our visitors. So, there are no responsibilities on our shoulders for any unauthorised access to your personal information.



Cookies are like small data files that a website transfers to the visitor’s hard drive and they are used for record-keeping purposes. The usage of cookies is vast on websites. Cookies help us to customize the website regarding your choices and needs. It helps us to analyse the data about web traffic. If you are against personal data collection, you just simply accept or deny the cookie facility, this option is always up to you. Or you can customize the browser to avoid the cookies. But the fact is, cookies are important to allow you for enjoying some facilities of our online service.


Access to Information

It is our responsibility to ensure the security of the information we collected from you and also we strive to keep this information up to date and accurate. If you notice any kind of incorrect information we held about you, there is no need to panic, just inform us and we will make the incorrect correct promptly if needed.


Links to Other Sites

There may exist links to other websites or third party websites on our site. The point is these websites are not in our control or we cannot operate them. So, we will not be responsible if there happen any unwanted events to your personal information for visiting those websites. You should first go through the terms and conditions and privacy statements of that website before submitting any kind of personal information to them.


Problems or Questions

If there is any kind of issues found with our website, we take them seriously and take all the reasonable steps so that the issues may be fixed properly. If you have any kind of question, quarry about our Privacy policy or complaints please inform us. We welcome your feedback and if needed we will take the steps to fix any kind of issues.

We always prefer the protection and privacy first of our customers.

Our privacy policy is compliant with the Privacy Act 1988, Australia.