Why Get a Security System? Crime in Burwood

Burwood offers many advantages to residents – easy accessibility for public transport and other parts of the city, plenty of shopping and work opportunities. However, it is also a suburb plagued by property crime. Almost the entire suburb of Burwood represents a crime hotspot for break and enters and stealing from dwelling.

We strongly recommend a security system for Burwood homes from border to border of this local government area, but especially for homes located in:

  • In the area bordered by The Boulevarde, Railway Parade, Burwood Rd and Liverpool Rd
  • The immediate vicinity of the train line and Burwood train station
  • The are bordered by the train line to the south, Parramatta Rd to the north and Shaftesbury Rd to the east.
  • The streets surrounding Cheltenham Rd Park and Blair Park


 There were also 58 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 360 cases of malicious damage to property. Burwood security systems can help not only protect individual homes, but contribute to community safety by catching the offenders that are currently ruling householders by fear.

Burwood has a higher population of foreign-born people, who are more vulnerable to harm from break and enters because of language difficulties in reporting the crimes.

Additionally, most of the homes in Burwood are apartments – if you are one of the 50% of householders in Burwood living in an apartment, you should know that your home is far easier to secure than a stand-alone house, but the most effective way to do so is via a Burwood security system.

Burwood Community Safety Initiatives

Burwood City Council is well aware of the problems with property crime in their area. They have launched one of the most commendable community safety and crime prevention programs of all Sydney councils. Make sure you take advantage of programs like:

  • Becoming part of the CCTV register, if your Burwood security system includes CCTV camera systems. By registering, you may be able to help track the movements of criminals, help solve crimes and both get these people off the streets and encourage them to start a new and productive life.
  • Safety audits. If you feel there is a particularly crime-prone area in your neighbourhood, contact the Burwood City Council to request a Community Safety Audit.
  • Safety workshops. Burwood City Council provides regular safety workshops in many of the native languages of people living in Burwood as well as in English.

These initiatives will work alongside your Burwood security system to keep crime far from your home and your family.

Suggested Instructions for Burwood Security System Owners

A guard response should be one of the core aspects of your instructions for an alarm activation of your Burwood security system. We recommend the following plan of attack:

  • A guard is dispatched as soon as the alarm is verified (ie, you do not answer our phone call to check on whether there has been a false alarm).
  • On the way we will notify the closest police station. In the Burwood LAC this is either the central Burwood station or the Five Dock station.
  • If you haven’t already been notified by our call to verify alarm activation, we’ll call your provided contact number.

Living in Burwood, you are right in Pacific Security Technology’s most secure safety zone. Take advantage of your positioning near the state’s leader in Burwood security systems – get a quote or arrange an installation today.