Home Alarm Security Systems and Kids’ Safety – What to Remember


Our kids are the prime reason that many of us decide to get a home alarm security system. Physical things are replaceable … but nothing can bring your children back if something were to happen. Your children’s safety can be greatly enhanced by installing a home alarm security system, but if you have kids in the house there are some additional things to keep in mind.


When should I give them a security code?


Obviously, when your children are old enough to have their own key to open the door when they get home from school they will also need a code to the home alarm security system. Do they need a code before this time? Before you assign them one or let them use yours, you have to consider:


  • Their ability to keep a secret – giving your children a code might ultimately mean giving it to their friends’ parents…
  • Their ability to reliably use the system. If you have a silent monitored home alarm security system, you don’t want to create false alarms for the monitoring company
  • Their ability to remember the code. Some kids will be better than others at this. It isn’t wise to pick a very simple code (like 1111 or 1234) for your kids – these are easily guessed by intruders.


Security systems are not a replacement for teaching


You will still need to instruct your kids about potential dangers, even if you install a monitored home alarm security system. They will still need to know:


  • That they shouldn’t turn off the alarm to let someone into the house, unless they and you both know the person.
  • That there are many other dangers in a house for children home alone that security system can’t deal with


Night-time wandering and security systems


Many home alarm security systems are set up to be ‘pet-immune’. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to create a system that is ‘kid-immune’! Many parents turn their home alarm security system on before bedtime. When your kids are old enough to get out of their beds at night, though, you’ll need to organise your zones carefully to avoid having them set off the alarm at night time. Can you imagine the heart attack that a sounding siren and child’s scream would give you at midnight?!