Why Get a Security System? Crime in Sutherland

One of the beautiful things about living in Sutherland is the peace and quiet. Most other people in the area have not come to shop, to do business, to study or to make trouble … they’re just getting by in their own neighbourhood, like you!

So thankfully, property crime rates across the entire Sutherland Council area are fairly low. There are however some hotspots for burglaries and robberies identified by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research. It is relatively easy to figure out if your home falls within one, and you therefore need a Sutherland security system!

  • The area surrounding Sutherland train station (one of the most critical areas for homes to have a Sutherland security system)
  • The areas surrounding Kirrawee, Gymea, Miranda, Caringbah, Wooloware and Cronulla train stations


There were also 354 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 2347 cases of malicious damage to property. Though the crimes occur in fairly well defined areas around the train stations as detailed above, there are outliers with such a high number of offences – Sutherland security systems are recommended to keep EVERY home safe.

Sutherland Community Safety Initiatives

Because of the magnitude of the break and enter problem in Sutherland, council is quite active in creating programs to support individual homes’ Sutherland security systems. These include:

  • Risk assessments performed by the NSW police for residents at risk of break and enter, who may benefit from Sutherland security systems
  • Personalised advice from NSW Police for victims of break and enters on prevention strategies
  • Community education workshops for property protection
  • Security standards developed for underground car parks
  • Community education workshops to help prevent bag snatches
  • Beach minding services for beachgoers at Cronulla

Suggested Instructions for Sutherland Security System Owners

Once you’ve made the important decision to have your security system in Sutherland installed, you must next leave instructions for your monitoring company on what to do in the event of a break in.

Though your instructions are modifiable (and we recommend you change the Sutherland security system instructions when you go on holiday or have changed family circumstances), these are generally accepted best practices:

  • You get a 30 second grace period of alarm activation before we contact you to ensure all is well
  • If the home security has been breached, we’ll notify the closest police station – at Sutherland, Engadine or Menai.
  • A guard is immediately dispatched to protect your home and back up the police officer, before they arrive or once they are there
  • We continue to attempt to contact you if we haven’t yet done so

A Sutherland security system can help keep both your family and all your neighbours safe. Do what you have to for protection – get a FREE quote today!