Back to base alarms and NBN

have you crossed over to the NBN network and you have a back to base alarm system which is not compatible unless you upgrade to a newer control panel or get an add on alarm communicator? 

The communicator we suggest would be a Permaconn GPRS Alarm Communicator which has a sim card and costs $199 + GST and $1.50 + GST a day for alarm monitoring service and include the daily data usage.

We offer a Permaconn Pocket Secure APP to control your alarm from anywhere from your smart phone 


Is your alarm on or off?

Take control of your existing or new alarm system with our remote App while you’re away from your home or office.

  • Arm and Disarm function.
  • Instant alarm notification.
  • Panic with real time location.

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[heading text=”Features” align=”center” subtext=”Enhance your existing alarm system with Pocket Secure.
Full control of multiple sites such as home and business.”]

Remote Arm/Disarm

Arm and disarm your security alarm anywhere using your mobile phone


Check when your alarm system was armed or disarmed. Alarm messages can be viewed if you subscribe to Pocket Secure Plus.

Push Notification 

All burglary and alarm messages are instantly sent to your mobile phone.

App PIN Lock

Securely protect and lock the app using a PIN code or your fingerprint.

GPS Panic Button 

Send panic messages with real time location to your Pocket Secure contacts.

User Permission Control 

Manage which of your users can receive alarm, system and On/Off notifications.

[heading text=”Screenshots” align=”center” subtext=”Intuitive user interface designed for easy operation.”]

[heading text=”Pocket Secure Plus” align=”center”]