Things That Go Bump In the Day: 5 Tips for Lock Bumping Prevention

Though it’s an unfamiliar term, most people would understand lock bumping as a form of lock picking. Lock bumping involves using a specially crafted key to ‘bump’ the pins inside a lock into place, allowing a burglar to open any keyed deadbolt lock with very little skill, no noise and without any passers by being aware that anything is wrong. Additionally, people whose homes are burgled without any sign of forced entry often have serious problems trying to claim on their insurance policy. Given that almost anyone can go find a lock bumping guide and buy a specially made key on the internet, how can you protect your home from such easy entry? We give you some tips today.

Burglar Alarm Security Systems

Without the technological assistance of perimeter protection through a burglar alarm security system, your home is a sitting duck for anybody with a lock bumping set. With a burglar alarm security system installed, your home will have reinforcement coming from 30 seconds after somebody unauthorised gets in.

Another concern with lock bumping is that intruders can silently enter while you are at home, either awake or asleep. A burglar alarm security system allows you to zone the house to detect any movement in non-sleeping areas, and alert your security monitoring company.

Alternative Lock Types

There are a couple of high tech lock types that can help you easily avoid the perils of lock bumping. At Pacific Security Technology, we carry a range of biometric or keypad lock options, which are put in with heavy duty installation tools and obviously cannot be picked or bumped. However, you’ll need to install biometric or keypad locks on each of your entrances to complete the circle of safety.

CCTV camera systems

If you choose to install CCTV camera systems, don’t hide ALL of your cameras. Let people know that they are being filmed, and if they choose to break into your house, they will be seen and most likely caught.

However, it is good practice to retain some hidden, covert cameras, so that if your burglar thinks he can get around the cameras by spray painting them, you’ll still get footage.

Security Chains

These are a fantastic, cheap option for protection from lock bumping while you’re at home. Of course, they are not as foolproof as a burglar alarm security system, but having a chain means that there will be noise to alert you to the entry, and the burglar might actually reconsider what he thought was going to be an easy ‘in’.


Although lock bumping is a relatively quick and non-suspicious way to enter a house, burglars will still think twice about entering a home if they can be easily seen from the street. Even if you have a burglar alarm security system, make sure you keep your bushes and shrubs trimmed and ensure that your front door is easily visible from the street.

Lock bumping is a scary trend. Burglar alarm security systems will restore your sense of wellbeing and safety!

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