Security Systems for Your House: The Easy Way vs The Hard Way!

When it comes to home security monitoring, we at Pacific Security Technology are big believers in the idea that there is an easy way to protect your home, and a hard way! We see a lot of different tactics that homeowners use to try to discourage burglars, or to catch them once they’re in the home already – and most times, there’s simply a easier way. Today we check out alarm monitoring services … the easy way vs the hard way!

Signage: Easy vs Hard

Security signage the easy way: Grab a pre-made sign when you have a back to base alarm monitoring company install your alarm. These signs are obviously not foolproof (a lot of people make up fake ones, so it can be a little like the boy who cried wolf!), but they are free and may well discourage a burglar even giving you the hassle of having to replace a window.

Signage the hard way: People make up some pretty funny signs to stand in for home security monitoring ones! We’ve seen “Danger: Extremely vicious, barkless Doberman guarding property”; “Stop! We’ve already shot one burglar in this house. Don’t become the second”; and “Knock all you want. We don’t answer the door”. Burglars are not silly – they know that people posture and puff their chest out to try and frighten them away. The signs are amusing, but not effective!

Attention-Attracters: Easy vs Hard

Attention attracters the easy way: An audible house alarm system is a fantastic attention attracter, as well as serving plenty of other security purposes!

Attention attracters the hard way: Fine gravel strewn all around the house will make a lot of noise, but is also a major landscaping decision and represents a substantial cost to most homeowners. So are any home made noisemakers, trigger systems that set off air horns when doors are opened, etc. The ‘Home Alone’ style of home security only works in the movies, unfortunately.

Perimeter Security: Easy vs Hard

Perimeter security the easy way: You guessed it … house alarm systems are an excellent perimeter security device. So are high fences that cannot be climbed, but can also be seen through – for example, high chain or metal rod fences.

Perimeter security the hard way: There are all sorts of perimeter security devices available now – biometric locks that open only to a fingerprint, enormous and expensive deadbolts, unbreakable window films, etc. Hedges are another ‘hard way’ to create perimeter security – sure, they are hard to get through, but they take many years of water and attention to grow!

Physical Defence: Easy vs Hard

Physical defence the easy way: If you’ve already done other things the easy way, you will also have done ‘physical defence’ the easy way by default! If there is a break-in while you are home, your alarm monitoring company will be there to physically defend you before you know it. Another fairly easy tactic is to buy an air horn which you keep next to the bed – it takes a pretty brazen and unusual burglar to actually attack you after you’ve blasted them with one of those in the dead of night!

Physical defence the hard way: Dogs can be a good physical defence for you and your home, but unless you wanted one anyway, they represent a lot of work. Guns and knives as physical defence also require you to either get a licence for them, or train in their use.

We find back to base alarms simply make things easy all round for homeowners!

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