Wireless CO Detector



  • Colorless, tasteless, odorless but deadly, carbon monoxide (CO) is impossible to detect without a warning device. The WS4913 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector from DSC is the perfect complement to DSC’s ALEXOR and the 2-Way Wireless Security Suite. The WS4913 provides frontline protection against the silent threat of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Slim-line design
  • Built-in 85dB alarm at 10 ft (3 m)
  • Malfunction supervision
  • Low sensitivity supervision
  • Electrochemical sensing technology
  • Transmits RF status, low battery and tamper condition
  • Hush feature
  • Wall tamper
  • 4-5 year battery life
  • Onboard LEDs indicate: * Red – Alarm * Yellow – Trouble * Green – Power * Amber – Warm Up
  • End-of-Life (EOL) indicator (5 year)
  • Low battery supervision
  • Compatible with Alexor , Impassa and PowerSeries v4.5 & higher