Not Just a “Bit of Water”:
Floods Are Destructive and Deadly

Floods don’t always rate high on the list of dangers in our consciousness … and rightly so. You are much more likely to be injured or killed on the roads, or to suffer a chronic or infectious disease, than to be killed in flood.

But that’s what most of the thousands of worldwide victims of floods thought.

Flood is not a common cause of death or injury. But when it happens, early warning is vital. You’ll need early warning to avoid the common consequences of floods, such as:


Flood waters are murky, dark and turbulent. They are far more dangerous than swimming in the river or a beach. All of the 25 people killed in the 2010 Queensland floods had drowning as their cause of death, according to the Queensland coroner.

Loss of pets

Pet death is one of the major unspoken consequences of floods. Pets are often confined in a space and cannot effectively escape flood waters – unless you have an early warning system.


Flood waters often enter sewage drains and cause mixing of the flood waters and sewage contents. This can cause diseases like salmonella, cprytosporidium, giardia,

Additionally, standing flood waters encourage mosquito breeding, increasing the risk of dengue fever, Ross River fever, Murray Valley encephalitis, etc.

Damage to irreplaceable property

Photographs and personal paperwork are some of the common, irreplaceable items destroyed by flood waters. However, flood waters don’t only damage paper-based items. The mud and disease carried by flood waters can also ruin even washable items like linens, furniture, clothing, toys and more.

Environmental damage

If you get early warning of a flood, you may be able to prevent dangerous substances in your home from being incorporated into the floodwaters. Things like petrol, paint and other household substances kill marine life and make floodwaters even more dangerous.

Early warning detection systems will be mandated in some areas for Sydney for good reason. Get your protection today!

How Does the Flood Detector Work?

The Pacific Security Technology flood detector is a sensor in shining armor, riding in on a tall white piece of plastic to save your family. Here’s how it works.

Sensor Activation

Flood detectors work on the simple, sound and extensively tested principle of electrical circuits.

The flood detector has three sensors. When any two  of those make contact with water, the water completes the electrical circuit which allows an alarm to sound. The completed circuit also activates a back to base alarm signal.

Help Is On Its Way

In a flood situation, a little bit of noise may not be enough to help get you, your family or the residents of your building to safety. This is why Pacific Security Technology’s flood detector integrates with all DSC home alarm systems.

The flood sensor activates a back to base signal, monitored 24/7 by Pacific Security Technology – the leaders in home and family safety across New South Wales. Our personnel leave immediately on the activation of a flood detector sensor to ensure that residents of the home are safe.

Exterior Placement

Most flood sensors on the market are designed for interior use. Pacific Security Technology have redesigned and developed the DSC flood detector for placement on the outside of your home.

Interior placement of flood sensors often means that by the time you are alerted to the severity of the flood, it is already too dangerous to walk outside or drive.

This critical change to exterior placement means that you don’t have to wait for flood waters to make it inside your home before you are alerted and help is on its way. When the water reaches a certain height outside, you’ll be awake and out of there – while it is still possible to escape.

Even the ‘safest’ areas of Sydney are prone to flood … but the pitter-patter of rain can become a soothing night time noise once more, with a Pacific Security Technology flood sensor. Order yours today!

Exterior Flood Detector Specifications

The flood detector sensor is made of the highest quality materials. Specifications include:

  • Built-in reed switch
  • Covered external contacts
  • Tamper-protective case
  • Protected against insects


The sensor is powered by a standard lithium battery with a 4-year battery life.

Installation Height

The sensor can be installed at ground height, or at a suitable height above ground if ground-height installation would cause too many false alarms.

Flood Detector FAQ: Easy Answers

Need to know more about how flood detectors work, their installation or the mandatory requirements for flood detectors? Find easy answers here, or simply get in touch with Pacific Security technology today.

Why should I install a flood detector?

Floods can be deadly, and have negative consequences for you, your family, your pets and the environment. Early warning can help minimise the damage. For more detail, see the ‘Not Just a Bit of Water’ page.

How do flood detectors work?

Flood detectors work on the simple principle of water completing an electrical circuit, activating a sound alarm and a back to base alarm. For more detail, please see the ‘How do flood detectors work?’ page.

Do I need a back to base alarm for the flood detector to work?

For these flood detectors which are designed for exterior installation, you’ll need a DSC home alarm system product to integrate them with. Remember, the home alarm system complete with flood detector will help keep you safe from the myriad of dangers which can invade your home – intruders, carbon monoxide, fire AND flood.

Other flood detectors are available which are designed to protect against bath or washing machine overflows – a very different purpose! These can be installed internally and may or may not integrate with a back to base alarm system.

Am I legally required to install a flood detector in my home?

Please check with your local council to see if flood detector installation is legally required in your particular circumstances.

How much will my flood detector cost?

If you already have a DSC back to base alarm system, the flood sensors are very affordable. They are similar to the door/window contact sensors that you may already have as part of your alarm system.

If you don’t have a DSC-branded back to base alarm system, there will be a cost involved in setting that up. However, don’t forget all the additional benefits that go with that cost. Back to base alarms also improve resale value immensely for a very small outlay.

Will my flood detector be safe outdoors?

Yes. These detectors are specially designed to withstand rain, hail, wind and other adverse weather.

The casing is also made from a special polymer which is resistant to sun fading and cracking.

Will the flood detector integrate with my outdoor design?

The flood detector is coloured white for visibility and safety. It looks no different to electrical conduit or plumbing on the outside of the house and can be protected by stainless steel/Aluminium vandal proof cover.


Buy Flood Detector

Flood Detectors

Powered coated Stainless steel


Which DSC products will my flood detector integrate with?

The flood sensor integrates with the following DSC alarm system products:

  • Alexor
  • PowerSeries
  • Impassa
  • PC1616
  • PC1832
  • PC1864
  • PC4020

If you have a different system but still have WS4945 wireless door/window contacts, the flood detector may still integrate with your system.

Is it wireless or hardwired?

This is a wireless product, so requires no structural changes in your home for installation.

Are wireless flood sensors reliable?

Yes. Wireless sensors and wireless alarm systems in general have been extensively redeveloped and refined since their first incarnations. We can now confidently say that wireless sensors, wireless flood detectors and wireless home alarm systems in general are just as safe and reliable as hardwired systems.

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