Aritech Alarm Panels

Traditional security

Aritech alarm panels were the forerunners of many other modern home alarm systems, and the company has used their long years of experience as the basis for their highly advanced security systems and entrenched best practices. Pacific Security Technology has forged a close relationship with the Aritect Alarm Panel manufacturers, and can offer you true expertise in getting the best out of your system.

Aritech Home Alarm Products

The most popular Aritech alarm panel products chosen by our customers include:

  • Control panels
  • Keypads
  • Wired and wireless, motion and contact sensors
  • Aritech strobe and siren alert systems

aritech alarm systems

Aritech Home Alarm Options

Your Aritech alarm panel comes from a traditional manufacturer, and is the often-copied base for many other brands. As such, Aritech alarm panels have all of the features you would expect, including:

  • Monitoring available, with communications through a range of media to provide unstoppable security signals
  • Programmable panic codes
  • Programmable temporary codes
  • Zoning, as well as zone bypassing
  • Fire detection capability

Why Buy Your Aritech Alarm Through Pacific Security Technology?

We’re one of Australia’s most trusted installers of Aritech alarm panels and Aritech strobes. With Pacific Security Technology, you’re guaranteed a faultless and utterly smooth Aritech alarm panel experience, with:

Over 20 years experience in installing, maintaining and monitoring alarms

No contracts for your Aritech alarm panel monitoring. Want to try out the monitored alarm experience, or simply don’t want to be tied down to a particular company? We believe you shouldn’t have to be – and our contract-free monitoring service sets you free.

Wide range of supporting products available to supplement and support your Aritech alarm panel, from glass break detectors to medical alarms.

Fast service, guaranteed satisfaction! We go the extra mile to ensure that you’re happy with your Aritech alarm panel and monitoring service.

Get in touch for fast answers to questions about your existing Aritech alarm panel, or send a speedy enquiry to get a quote today!