Honeywell Home Security Systems

Sleep well, with Honeywell

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company employing well over 100,000 people worldwide, and are known for producing some of the most reliable, user-friendly home alarm systems in the world.

At Pacific Security Technology, Honeywell is one of our most-often recommended brands of security system, and offers fantastic longevity and value for money. Honeywell is involved in defence manufacturing – if they can take care of the security of an entire country, they can take care of you, your family and home!

Our Honeywell Products

We stock a range of Honeywell burglar alarm components and full systems, including:

  • Wireless and wired Honeywell burglar alarms
  • Combination fire and burglar alarms
  • Entry management systems
  • Keypads
  • Sensors
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectorsHoneywell alarm systems

Honeywell Home Alarm Options

Honeywell alarms are one of the brands best known for having an enormous range of options for their back to base alarms. These include:

  • Back to base monitoring service available on all Honeywell alarm models
  • One year warranty on Honeywell’s most popular alarm system, the Lynx
  • Features like interior sirens, battery backup, single button arming, zoning, choice of perimeter protection or full home protection, inbuilt fire protection and much more
  • Advanced security features like ability to set babysitter codes and installer codes which cannot be used to disarm the system unless used to arm it; ‘no delay’ so that Pacific Security Technology know about it on the very second that anything goes wrong, plus more.

Why Buy Honeywell Alarm Systems Through Pacific Security Technology?

Pacific Security Technology have been an authorised Honeywell dealer since our inception. We are intimately familiar with using the Honeywell features and technology to create an impenetrable force field of security around your home!

Better yet, with Pacific Security Technology you have access to no contract alarm monitoring – we keep your business with superior customer service and fantastic rates. We offer 24-hour call outs for assistance with your alarm, and dispatch with one of the lowest delay times in the industry.

Buying Honeywell alarm systems is a sweet experience, with Pacific Security Technology.