Inner Range Home Security Systems

Roam freely, with Inner Range

Inner Range Security is a less well-known home alarm company, but one that makes a fantastic selection of products. Inner Range home alarms were established in 1988, as an Australian company that has managed to become a true world leader, with over 80,000 systems sold worldwide. Best yet, we have easy access to in-house technical support through the company’s headquarters in Melbourne.

Inner Range Alarm Products

Pacific Security Technology sell, install, maintain and monitor the following Inner Range home alarm products:

  • Hardwired intrusion detection systems
  • Wireless intrusion detection systems
  • The Insight suite of software products fro use with Inner Range hardware

inner range security systems

Inner Range Home Alarm Options

The extensive selection of security-focused features are behind the enormous expansion of Inner Range into the global market … and also behind thousands of very satisfied Australian Inner Range home alarm customers. These handy features include:

Inner Range home alarm monitoring with NO CONTRACTS on all systems!

Choice of card or PIN to arm and disarm your Inner Range home alarm system

Flexible programming which allows us to set extended door access times for disabled users, count users, monitoring of ‘door forced’, ‘door open too long’, and a range of other events,

Foolproof backup systems including monitoring of power supply, battery power, telephone line availability and fuse status; use of multiple reporting methods to ensure that when there’s an emergency, someone will be on their way to help immediately; and support for panic/hold up/special duress and suspicion alarm codes.

Why Buy Inner Range Alarm Systems Through Pacific Security Technology?

It’s not just the fact that our Inner Range home alarms cost fewer dollars installed than those supplied through other security companies … but the entire experience is one of confidence, friendliness and most importantly, watertight security for your home.

Inner Range home alarms, when installed, will be the knowledge, the power, and the protection that you are searching for. Grab a quote for your Inner Range system with a quick enquiry or phone call today!