ITI Burglar Alarm Systems

Burglar barriers

ITI burglar alarms are a niche product, but certainly one that its users are very dedicated to. With quite a wide selection of control panel/keypad combination for ITI burglar alarms.

ITI Home Alarm Options

The range of ITI home alarms is one of the best-diversified in the alarm industry, with at least seven very well-accepted models. Within the range, you have access to ITI burglar alarm options like:

  • Wireless and wired sensors and keypads
  • Ability to hear communications from your system via voice messages
  • Inbuilt fire protection
  • Pet-friendly sensor options
  • Choice of standard contact or shock sensors to detect attempted forced entries
  • Portable panic buttons
  • Choice of ‘stay’ and ‘away’ modes for arming – either perimeter protection or full protection.

ITI alarms

ITI Alarm System FAQs

We are often asked the following questions about ITI burglar alarms and our service. If yours isn’t listed here, feel free to get in touch!

Are ITI burglar alarms monitored using dual path monitoring?

At Pacific Security Technology, we monitor alarms using GPRS and GSM (the two most common paths) as well as the proprietary ITI format, Digital Dialer and Live History. If your burglar alarm is based on any of these communication modes, whether it is an ITI model or not, we can monitor it.

How can I change the battery on my ITI alarm?
Both the sensors and the main backup battery in your ITI burglar alarm must be replaced by a security consultant, in order to maintain your security properly.

What are the condition codes for my ITI burglar alarm?
We have access to these installer-only codes at Pacific Security Technology – if you have any questions about format codes in your system, please get in touch with us. We are happy to help out, even if you didn’t purchase your system through us.

A combination if ITI alarms, Pacific Security Technology’s state of the art monitoring service, 24/7 assistance, outstanding service and low prices combine to create a fulfilling and secure back to base monitoring experience!