Micron Security Alarm Systems

Safety for every micron of your home

Micron Security Products pride themselves on attention to the small details of your home’s security – as their name suggests! They are an Australian company, offering high quality national backup service for a range of products that is on a par with the best across the globe.

Micron Security System Options
Most Micron security alarm products are based on Bosch items. This means you get access to all the high end security features you’d expect, including:

  • Very simple, user-friendly displays with extra features organised to reduce clutter
  • Single button arming options
  • One-touch fire, medical and panic alarms
  • Programmable panic codes (to alert the authorities or your monitoring company if an intruder forces you to enter your code).
  • Pet friendly detectors using a combination of passive infrared and microwave detection technology
  • Alphanumeric text prompting
  • Keypad and control panel designs made for style as well as security!

Micron alarms

Micron Security Alarm FAQs

Need to get to know your Micron security alarm a little better? Here are the answers to questions we most frequently hear from our Micron alarm customers:

How do I replace my Micron alarm backup battery?
For security reasons, a qualified installer code is needed to remove and replace the battery, even if it has run down. But don’t worry – Pacific Security Technology offers an easy flat-rate battery replacement service, available even if you didn’t buy your Micron security system through us.

Should I buy a Crow or Micron alarm system?
Every security system we sell at Pacific Security technology is guaranteed to protect your home when you need it most, and most brands have systems which are equivalent in terms of features. The best way to determine the right system for you is to take advantage of a free consultation! Call us today on 1300 660 445 to get your security system, Micron or otherwise, sorted out.

For enquiries about Micron alarm system installation or maintenance contact us.