Rhino House Alarm Systems

Big, tough and mean!

Rhino house alarm systems are simple to use, built tough, and fantastic at protecting homes and businesses all over the country. They’re fantastic for those who want pure protection, with all the features that are necessary for security but nothing complicated. Rhino house alarms are recommended by Pacific Security Technology for those on a budget!

Rhino House Alarm Products

Rhino’s house alarm products may be simple, but their product range is certainly not limited. It’s well known that security products integrate best with other equipment from the same manufacturer, and Rhino has the full range available including:

  • Rhino house alarms
  • Business-focused alarm systems
  • CCTV surveillance systems
  • Vehicle alarms
  • Access control panels
  • Remote controls

Rhino alarms

Rhino House Alarm Options

Rhino’s range is not prettied up pointlessly. It doesn’t have features that only 1% of the customer base will use. But Rhino house alarms do come with some surprising, and very useful, features! These include:

  • Wired and wireless systems
  • ‘Mini’ alarm systems designed for single function and simplicity
  • The ability to solar power your Rhino house alarm without loss of security
  • Energy saving Rhino house alarm products
  • Access control products made for residential settings – most are designed only for business
  • Monitors and rackmounting solutions for CCTV systems

Why Buy Your Rhino House Alarm Through Pacific Security Technology?

When you buy a Rhino house alarm through Pacific Security technology, or choose us for security monitoring services with Rhino products, you’re getting …

24/7 expert access and problem solving …

Contract-free monitoring services …

Over 20 years experience …

Flat rates for simple call outs …

All this comes at some of the best rates in Sydney! Call us today for a free consultation on 1300 660 445.