Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)


DVRs are used to record footage from camera (CCTV) systems. A DVR is essentially a specialised computer that has the capability to record camera footage and store it for later retrieval. A DVR is normally set up so that it only stores footage from cameras when there is movement in the field of view. This saves on hard-drive space and also means that you only review events where there is actually something to see. With a DVR you can search by date and time.


The DVR can be connected to your computer LAN so that you can view current and historical footage from your workstation or even remotely from anywhere in the world if that is required. Most DVRs can be configured to automatically send images to our remote monitoring station to allow us to verify alarm activations and escalate the response if required.


Applications range from simple theft/loss recording and prevention to quality control recording and checking on Health and Safety Compliance in the workplace.


Pacific Security Technology supply, install, service and upgrade most CCTV system brands and models, including:


• Pacom • Samsung
• Avtech • Merit Lilin
• Hik Vision • Tibet
• Dedicated Micros • APPRO
• Bosch • Honeywell
• Siemens • LG


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