Back to Base Security Systems South Western Sydney

South Western Sydney, like the other inner city areas, is a fantastic melting pot of different cultures and faces, historic buildings alongside ultra-modern cars and shops, and a balance of parks and residential areas. Like inner-city areas all over Australia though, security is a prime concern for residents here. Help is always at hand … and a South Western Sydney security system can send the call out.

South Western Sydney Security System Recommendations

South Western Sydneysiders should tailor their home security with the following considerations in mind:

Back to base alarms: Your back to base alarm is the core element of your South Western Sydney security system. It should be monitored to complete the protection it offers you and your family.

High risk suburbs – high tech security: You may want to add a few layers of extra protection to your South Western Sydney security system if you live in any of these areas, where break and enters and ‘steal from dwelling’ offences are more common:

  • Busby
  • West Hoxton
  • Prestons
  • Casula

Additionally, if you live in the vicinity of any train stations or major bus stops, or if your home is close to vacant land or parkland, you’ll need higher level security.

Why Choose Pacific Security Technology?

South Western Sydney security systems installed and maintained by Pacific Security Technology represent the highest level of protection for your home – and greatest satisfaction for you! Here’s why:

  • Contract-free monitoring: There is no need to sign extensive, limiting contracts to have us monitor your South Western Sydney security system. We believe in keeping your business with great service – not with an iron fist.
  • Access to extensive security options: We have access to and expertise in installing an enormous range of advanced security products, such as biometric locking devices, CCTV camera systems, tamper detectors and environmental safety measures like heat/smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Immediate response: We guarantee that no matter what time of day your South Western Sydney security system is activated, your activation instructions will be followed immediately. That means that our trained guards as well as police officers will be only minutes away.


Contact us to book your FREE South Western Sydney security consultation today, and start building your secure nest.