Why Get a Security System? Crime in Canada Bay

Crime-wise, Canada Bay is actually relatively quiet overall. If there is any area of Sydney where you can rest a little easier at night, it is most of this local government area. However, there are some very well-defined high risk burglary areas in Canada Bay. If you live in any of the following areas, we recommend the protection of a Canada Bay security system:

  • Areas within a couple of streets of the North Strathfield, Concord West and Rhodes train stations.
  • All streets between Homebush Bay Drive on the west and Concord Road on the east.
  • Streets surrounding Lyons Road West, Harris Road, Great North Road and Queens Road in Five Dock
  • Streets in Wareemba north of Hampden Road, especially surrounding the chain of small nature reserves in the area.


There were also 113 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 487 cases of malicious damage to property which Canada Bay security systems could have helped prevent, or helped to prosecute and deter an intruder.

Additionally, it is important to remember that just south of the Canada Bay local government area in Burwood, Ashfield, Strathfield and Leichhardt, there are very concentrated property crime hotspots.

Current statistics may be lagging behind somewhat, so if you live in the southern suburbs of Canada Bay like Concord, Five Dock or Rodd Point, it is worthwhile planning for the future with a Canada Bay security system also.

Canada Bay Community Safety Initiatives

Your local council has a comprehensive crime prevention plan which includes services that complement your Canada Bay security system. The plan is more than just rhetoric from councillors telling home owners to protect themselves – it includes services like:

  • The Bizsafe breakfast, specifically aimed at business safety and security systems in Canada Bay
  • The Community Justice Centres which provide avenues to help resolve neighbourhood disputes. Sadly, a significant percentage of property crime is committed by people known to the victim.
  • Environmental design program ‘Safer By Design’. If you feel there is a high crime risk area in your neighbourhood, let the team know about it.

If you feel that the council isn’t doing enough to prevent crime, let them know what they can do to complement the use of Canada Bay security systems in writing. A new Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan will soon be drafted – so get your opinions in there!

While Canada Bay is a fairly quiet suburb, you don’t know what peace of mind in your own home is worth until it is gone. Protect your family, home and property with a state of the art Canada Bay security system – get your free quote today!