Why Get a Security System? Crime in the City of Sydney

With a permanent population of at least 10 times the size of most other local government areas across NSW and hundreds of thousands more people passing through every day for work, sporting events, shopping, tourism and more, the City of Sydney is a potential crime hotbed.

And despite the plethora of rich pickings in businesses for criminals, homes in the City of Sydney remain very vulnerable to burglary. Almost one in every hundred people living in the area experienced a break in during 2010. A City of Sydney security system is essential for all homes, but especially those within these known crime hotspots:

  • Areas of Potts Point/Wooloomooloo bordered by Victoria Street to the east, Kings Cross Road to the south, Bourke Street to the est and Cowper Wharf Roadway to the north
  • All of Surry Hills and Redfern, apart from the area immediately north east of the Central train station
  • Parts of Chippendale and Darlington east of the University of Sydney, south of Parramatta Rd down to Cleveland St.
  • All streets adjacent to Harris St, as it passes through Pyrmont, Haymarket and Ultimo
  • Homes near to John Street Square in Pyrmont


 There were also 1118 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 3688 cases of malicious damage to property, which could have been almost universally prevented by a City of Sydney security system.

City of Sydney Community Safety Initiatives

It is in the council’s best interests to ensure the safety of residents, visitors and businesses throughout the City of Sydney, as it has such a high tourism and commercial profile.  Take advantage of these council strategies which support and augment your City of Sydney security system:

  • Safe City Factsheets to help you prepare your home and City of Sydney security system. These are translated into multiple languages, including Arabic, Greek, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Korean and Vietnamese
  • Street Safety Camera program to help detect, prevent and prosecute property crimes
  • Glebe and Redfern each have their own Community Safety Plans valid until the end of 2012.
  • Improved street lighting
  • Appropriate urban design for crime prevention
  • Working with communities in high risk areas such as public housing, to address their specific safety needs.

As the Crime Prevention Plans are due for upgrade this year, ensure you contact Council if you have ideas which could help augment all City of Sydney security systems.

Suggested Instructions for City of Sydney Security System Owners

Once your City of Sydney security system has been tested and is working, your monitoring company needs to know what to do if it is activated. Your instructions can vary, but the following are accepted best practices:

  • Give a 30 second grace period in case you forgot your code!
  • If we verify by phone that the activation isn’t accidental, we’ll immediately notify the City Central or Town Hall Shopfront police stations – whichever is closer
  •  At the same time a guard will be dispatched from the Pacific Security Technology office to protect your home
  • We will continue trying to contact you if we haven’t already spoken to you.

The City of Sydney is often literally the centre of Australia. Help make that heart a safe, thriving and happy place by combating crime with a City of Sydney security system. Get your FREE quote today!