Why Get a Security System? Kogarah Crime Hotspots

Living in Kogarah is always stimulating and rewarding – it is like being a constant global traveller without ever leaving your home country! Kogarah is actually quite a safe local government area on the whole, with burglaries and robberies diffusely spread over all of the southern, eastern and western parts of the LAC.

However, if you live in one of these high risk areas (or you simply want to know that you are doing your duty in protecting your family), a Kogarah security system is a must:

  • Streets in Allawah south of Railway Parade, especially in the area bordered by Noble Street, Norman Street, Tanner Avenue and Andover Street.
  • The area where Hurstville and South Hurstville meet, especially streets in the area bordered by Railway Parade, Hillcrest Avenue, King Georges Road, Blakesley Road and Noble Street
  • Streets close to Kogarah Park and the Beverly Park Golf Club
  • Streets around the intersection of Laycock Road and Hillcrest Avenue in Hurstville Grove


There were also 68 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 418 cases of malicious damage to property in Kogarah. Security system activations saved some houses from burglaries, and in other cases the alarm activation and monitoring company response helped prosecute an offender.

Kogarah Community Safety Initiatives

Of course, your Kogarah security system is the ultimate line of defence for your home. However, the Kogarah City Council has also developed several strategies you can take advantage of to complement that Kogarah security system.

  • The Kogarah Safety Working Party was set up specifically to address safety concerns in the area. If you have any ideas or concerns, contact the Working Party via Council.
  • The ‘Tell Us What You Want’ survey administered by the police of the St George Local Area Command is issued yearly. If you haven’t seen a survey yet, get in touch with the Hurstville police station.
  • Safer By Design evaluations are conducted in the area to help deter potential burglars from activating any Kogarah security systems! To request an evaluation on a crime hotspot, contact the council.
  • ‘Break and Enter Kits’ are provided, not to help people break into homes, but by the St George and Hurstville Local Area Commands to help homeowners secure their homes. These handy packs integrate well with your Kogarah security system.

Suggested Instructions for Kogarah Security System Owners

If your Kogarah security system is activated, we need to know how you want us to handle it. With many years of experience, we have found that the safest and speediest plan of attack is to:

  • Have Pacific Security Technology first notify your local police station – this will be St George for Kogarah residents. We’ll provide the location of the intrusion (ie, back or front of the house), and let them know the Kogarah security system activation has been verified as a genuine break-in to speed response.
  • A guard will simultaneously be dispatched to secure the scene at your home.
  • We let you know about the Kogarah security system activation while everybody is on their way.

Make sure Kogarah remains a fascinating place to live … but that you never see it’s dark side! Get a FREE quote for a Kogarah security system today.