Why Get a Security System? Ku-Ring-Gai Crime Hotspots

Ku-Ring-Gai was rated first out of Australia’s 590 local government areas for quality of life by BankWest in 2008. Not much has changed since then! However, the clean air and beautiful surroundings shouldn’t blind you to the fact that there is actually a significant amount of property crime in Ku-Ring-Gai. Security systems are essential for homes in the following high risk areas:

  • Warrawee, especially the streets surrounding the Turramurra Memorial Park and Gillespie Field, and laying between the Warrawee and Turramurra train stations
  • Streets in Turramurra to the north of Kissing Point Road
  • All of St Ives Chase is a high risk area, with the surrounds of national parks and playing fields for escape.
  • The areas immediately surrounding Pymble and Gordon train stations


 There were also 187 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 650 cases of malicious damage to property in or around Ku-Ring-Gai homes. These were scary incidents fo the homeowners, but in many cases Ku-Ring-Gai security systems have actually helped catch offenders or prevent further damage.

Ku-Ring-Gai suburbs invariably have an old-fashioned community feel – but your neighbours can’t always protect you, and burglars will most likely be from out of the area. Ku-Ring-Gai security systems are the gold standard in protection!

Ku-Ring-Gai Community Safety Initiatives

Ku-Ring-Gai takes quite a proactive approach to reducing crime in the council. Ku-Ring-Gai security systems are backed up by local council initiatives like:

  • Educational DVDs provided to schools which aim to help young people see the consequences of vandalism and burglary
  • Safer By Design evaluations, which aim to implement design practices which improve visibility and naturally reduce crime and Ku-Ring-Gai security system activations in the area.

Ku-Ring-Gai Council has a dedicated safety team, so if you have any concerns about council-related matters that impact on safety, get in touch with the team.

Suggested Instructions for Ku-Ring-Gai Security System Owners

After your Ku-Ring-Gai security system is installed, we need to set up a response plan. The steps are ultimately up to you, however for safety we recommend that:

  • First, the Gordon or Hornsby police stations are telephoned to attend the scene. Their response will be much quicker if we can verify that the activation was not a false alarm.
  • Pacific Security Technology then dispatches a guard to secure the scene at your Ku-Ring-Gai security system installation.
  • We’ll contact you on your nominated telephone number to let you know.

We always think that these things will never happen to us. If you install a Ku-Ring-Gai security system, the odds are good that it never will! Get your FREE quote or arrange a Ku-Ring-Gai security system installation today.