Why Get a Security System? Leichhardt Crime Hotspots

Of all the local government areas in Sydney, Leichhardt is one of the most troubled. There are some relatively safe areas of this suburb, but overall a Leichhardt security system is highly recommended if you don’t want to deal with the trauma and expense of burglaries, robberies or theft.

The following areas show the most value from Leichhardt security systems:

  • The entire suburbs of Annandale and Leichhardt
  • Areas of Rozelle east of Sydney College of the Arts and King George Park
  • The north central area of Balmain, BORDERED BY Darling Street to the south and Young Street to the west.
  • Balmain East, in the streets around the end of Darling Street.
  • Streets surrounding the Balmain campus of Sydney Secondary College and Bridgewater Park


There were also 159 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 662 cases of malicious damage to property in and around Leichhardt homes. Security systems actually helped avert many more incidents, and in some cases have helped catch an offender and prevent them terrorising other homes without Leichhardt security systems.

Leichhardt is a bustling, cosmopolitan and convenient place to live. There doesn’t have to be a trade-off for all these positives with safety, when you install a Leichhardt security system!

Leichhardt Community Safety Initiatives

Leichhardt City Council recognises that crime is a significant problems for its residents. There is a range of program operating to support Leichhardt security systems in defending your home or your business. Ask council about:

  • The Leichhardt Home Maintenance Service, which can help you with Leichhardt security system installation if you are aged, disabled or a single parent wanting to return to work.
  • The Home security checklist they produce and occasionally mail out to residents, especially if you have recently moved to the area.
  • The home and personal security exhibition which tours public libraries and neighbourhood centres occasionally.
  • The Immobilise Now campaign, which offers vehicle immobilisers and installation as prizes in promotions.
  • Street lighting improvements, especially if you feel that lack of lighting is impacting on the pressure on your Leichhardt security system at home or at work.

Leichhardt is a wonderful place to live, within minutes of the best that Sydney has to offer. To avoid attracting the worst of the city as well, a Leichhardt security system is essential. Get a FREE quote from Pacific Security Technology for installation and monitoring … and you can live, breath and sleep easier!