Why Get a Security System? Manly Crime Hotspots

There are so many reasons that Manly is one of the most sought after suburbs of Sydney. Beautiful ocean breezes, easy access to the bustle and convenience of the Sydney CBD,  the knowledge that history happened all around you … it’s a beautiful place, and once you have taken steps to protect your home and your family in this very busy part of Australia, you can truly appreciate it all!

There are some very well defined hotspots for homer invasions and damage to properties in Manly. These include:

  • The area surrounding Darley Rd, Cliff Street and Addison Road
  • Streets running north-west and south-east perpendicular to Addison Road

Unusually (though definitely not unwelcome!), the streets closest to Sydney Harbour National Park remain relatively unaffected by break and enters.


There were also 129 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 504 cases of malicious damage to property. If all of these homes had a Manly security system, much less heartache and stress could have occurred in this beautiful suburb.

Set up your Manly security system, and set yourself free to enjoy everything this tiny suburb has to offer.

Manly Community Safety Initiatives

Manly Council has an active and current crime prevention plan, updated only last year. This replaces the last crime prevention plan which was only valid until 2004. This will complement, but does not replace your Manly security system!

Contact your council for more information on initiatives like:

  • The Community Safety Committee – if you know of an area which facilitates property crime in Manly or reduces the effectiveness of Manly security systems, let the committee know.
  • Community education programs around home safety
  • Various late night transport options to help get people who have been drinking in Manly back home. Let your council know if there are areas that remain uncovered by the late night transport schemes which need to be.

Many other councils have more concrete steps to help ensure your Manly security system isn’t needed. You may be able to access some of these through neighbouring council websites.

Suggested Instructions for Manly Security System Owners

After your Manly security system is installed, we need to know what steps you want us to take in case of activation. The following are best practices for all Manly homes:

  • We will contact the Manly police station, and either a local law enforcement officer or somebody from elsewhere within the Manly Local Area Command will attend.
  • Simultaneously, we’ll dispatch a Pacific Security Technology guard to secure your home and protect your family.
  • Our administrative staff will also alert you of the Manly security system alarm activation on your mobile phone.

Manly is next door to everything of interest in Sydney – and a Manly security system with home monitoring can set you free to enjoy it all. Get a FREE quote for Manly security system installation and the confidence of someone watching over you today!