Why Get a Security System? Crime in Marrickville

Marrickville is a big and diverse suburb with a little something for everyone – river views, affordable housing as well as luxury housing, international foods and cultures, art and live music, and easy access to the CBD via lots of major arterials.

Unfortunately, it also has a little something for burglars and home invaders as well. There is a massive central hotspot for break and enters and other property crimes in Marrickville, and we strongly recommend you install a Marrickville security system and Marrickville CCTV system if you’re in any of the following areas:

  • All streets that run directly onto Illawarra Road, from Thornley Street in the south to Sydenham Road in the north
  • Streets to the south east of Henson Park
  • All streets which run directly onto Marrickville Road, from Livingstone Road in the west to where Marrickville Road changes to Railway Road.
  • Streets bordered by Wardell Road, Marrickville Road, Sydenham Rd, Illawarra Rd and Fraser Street.


There were also 239 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 808 cases of malicious damage to property of either Marrickville homes or businesses. Marrickville security systems can not only “stop it happening to you”, but also catch offenders and punish them, helping to deter them and their peers from hurting innocent people.

Marrickville is a convenient base for many families, but not s suburb where you would spend all your time! Marrickville security systems and CCTV camera systems can give you the confidence to leave your home and explore far further.

Marrickville Community Safety Initiatives

The Marrickville Safety and Crime Prevention Plan has just expired in 2011. However, you can expect the council to update the document shortly – if you have any suggestions for actions to complement your Marrickville security system, make sure you communicate them to the ‘Safety in Marrickville Consultative Committee’.

Suggested Instructions for Marrickville Security System Owners

If you’ve taken the all-important step of having your Marrickville security system installed, the next most important task is to set out the instructions for your security alarm monitoring company to follow if somebody breaks in.

We recommend the following best practices for instructions, however your instructions are always up to you! Remember that you can modify these if you go on holiday or want a little extra protection.

  • If there is no response on your nominated phone number after 30 seconds of Marrickville security system activation, we’ll complete all of the following tasks simultaneously.
  • Call the Marrickville police station – whichever station in the Local Area Command closest to you will respond.
  • A Pacific Security Technology guard will be dispatched to secure the property, in case there is a delay in police arrival
  • We’ll call you on all available nominated numbers until we get a response.

Marrickville is a convenient and easy place to live – as long as you have the inner calm and physical protection of a Marrickville security system! Get a for your system today, so you can breathe easy and sleep soundly.