Why Get a Security System? Crime in Mosman

Climb high enough at any point in Mosman and you have almost 360 degree views. With the enormous and unshakeable ocean surrounding you, it’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security.

Although Mosman is a relatively quiet and safe suburb compared to many of the western areas of Sydney, there are some very clearly defined hotspots where a Mosman security system is essential for those wanting to keep their family and home safe.

It’s time to start thinking about your Mosman security system now if you live in the following hotspots for property crime, as given by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research:

  • The streets north of Military Road and east of Macpherson Street, up to Ourimbah Rd
  • All streets bordered by Bardwell Rd to the east, Military Rd to the north, Spofforth St to the west and Mosman Bay to the south
  • Streets surrounding Moruben Rd, Spit Rd and Awaba St
  • Homes around the intersection of Prince Albert St and Thompson Street


There were also 58 cases of stealing from a dwelling, and 200 cases of malicious damage to property. That doesn’t sound like many, but Mosman is a small suburb, and this data is for a single year only! Help to stop offenders profiting from people’s misfortune, and most importantly stop your home and family becoming one of these statistics, with a Mosman security system.

Mosman Community Safety Initiatives

Mosman City Council, despite the fact that crime is not a widespread concern in the area, is extremely proactive in community safety! The following council measures can be relied upon to complement, though not replace, your Mosman security system:

  • Council rangers on duty from 6am to 10pm, 7 days a week. You can call them on 9978 4081 or 0419 784 081
  • CCTV camera systems at council facilities. These could be used to track any offenders who make it away from your home after a burglary.
  • Data sharing between the council and police to improve crime solving
  • Prompt removal of graffiti – especially important for businesses, this action augments outdoor CCTV camera systems

If you know of a safety issue that could be solved at a council level rather than with a Mosman security system, get in touch with them.

Suggested Instructions for Mosman Security System Owners

After installation of a Mosman security system we need to set up the instructions to be carried out in the event of a house alarm system activation. These instructions stand you the best chance of safety and catching an offender:

  • If there is no response on your nominated emergency number after 30 seconds of Mosman security system activation, we will first call the Mosman Police Station. An officer from here, or somewhere else in the Harbourside LAC will respond.
  • A guard will be dispatched from the Pacific Security Technology office at the same time
  • We will continue to try to contact you through all of the avenues provided

You can make the safe and tranquil appearance of your suburb match up to the reality with a simple Mosman security system. All it takes is a call for a FREE quote with no obligation today.